Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Green Confession

This is going to be short as we have severe weather coming in and I want to hurry and get this done before we possibly lose power.

Today was beautiful and I'm longing for spring (which is here I guess but we keep having freezes) so  I decided while out running errands to get some garden supplies. Now earlier this month I met Beth Terry and she had invited me to be apart of a talk she was giving on plastic, so you would think I would plant flowers from seeds and such to avoid plastic but you would be wrong.

I ended up getting top soil in plastic, garden soil in plastic, recycled mulch (for flowers NOT food!) in plastic and it is plastic, annuals in plastic, and lavender in a biodegradable pot but with a plastic label. And none of it is recyclable in my area!

I also bought perennials from the local co-op, not sure how those will come but at least those last. I'm trying to switch my yard to all perennials so I don't have to buy so much plastic. With the very hot summers Oklahoma has been having and our three year long drought, I have been looking for very heat and drought resistant plants. Last year went pretty well so hopefully this year will go well and next year I will be able to keep myself from buying any annuals.

Do you have any green confessions to make? No one is perfect, it's good to remember that. Tomorrow will be a better day, I don't plan to leave the house, ha.


Green Bean said...

I've had some health problems which have kept me from cooking and baking as much as normal. I'll admit that I'm relying more on packaged food for the kids' lunches and even for dinner to an extent. It's so easy to get sucked in to the land of packaged granola bars!

Lisa said...

Isn't it? You think, just once and then you remember how easy they are and they just keep coming. ha

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

I could write one of these posts every week. I think it's great you are planting something! You can't search out the greenest alternative for everything all the time. But I think it's good to have these things on your radar and be conscious of them, even if you can't act on your knowledge or find the ideal solution every single time.


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