Friday, April 19, 2013

Why Do You Blog?

(EcoYogini shares her thoughts on why she blogs)

Recently, a friend of mine decided to encourage the bloggers in our local facebook group to share why they blog. I'm not sure why I find these posts so interesting to read... but the "Why am I blogging" question often factor in what I post over at "EcoYogini".

Step 1: Blogging to inform.
I began blogging for a very specific purpose in 2009: I wanted to share how yoga relates to protecting the environment. I wanted (I still do) to share concrete information, shed light on greenwashing and find the best eco-yoga products and activities I could.

Eventually, I kinda ran out of things to say about yoga and the environment and now my blog reflects a general path to leading a more environmentally friendly life. With yoga in there somewhere.

I don't blog so people will know who I am.
I don't blog to share a lot about my personal life. Although I know it wouldn't be impossible to find out who I am behind "EcoYogini", and I have shared pictures of myself in the past, it is very important to me that I keep at least the illusion of privacy. I don't want my employer reading my blog. This means that I don't have a facebook page for EcoYogini, all of my gmail and twitter accounts are separate from my personal information and I have had to ask sites to remove my full name when I've done guest posts.

I don't blog so I can get a lot of hits on my site.
Although I do love comments... I try hard not to write a post simply for the shock (and click) value. It was something I learned I didn't want to do when I considered writing for Elephant Journal- their instructional video made me feel so uncomfortable it was the deciding factor to decline the invite. (how to write a title to gather the most hits, how to write a provocative post, how to use specific vocabulary to garner hits with words like "nudity", which tags to use-blegh).

Once I made this decision to not post for hits, it made choosing post topics and deciding how often I post so much easier. Even the strange, subtle undercurrent of competition between bloggers seemed to fade. Instead it left room for more sincere connections and growth.

Blogging meets my inner protestor.
In the beginning, blogging met my inner need to be an "activist" like I've always wanted. I really had this impression that by blogging we could make a difference. We could share ideas. I still feel this way, just to a slightly lesser degree. I blame the "click to make a difference" trend where I can see that sometimes more than just writing about it is necessary. I'm a little jaded now.

However, that little spark is still burning in my little blogging heart and when push comes to shove I firmly believe that our blogs are reaching out. Changing what people feel is culturally acceptable (and what is not). Encouraging discussion.

Blogging equals connection.
Now blogging has become more of a community. I like connecting and reading regular commenters thoughts. I love being part of my three blogger facebook groups and weirdly (I think) I have many blogger facebook friends.

(Me, the first autumn of my blogging life. 2009 Halifax NS)

Although we live in different parts of the world, with different lifestyles and challenges, we really aren't that different. And that, to me, is the crux of yoga-environmental blogging.

Why do YOU blog?


Anonymous said...

I love this and share all of your reasons. And it's so funny that we both started blogging the same year and "met" then, as well! This is awesome!

Eco Yogini said...

@Five Seed: YES! you were my FIRST bloggy friend!! Yay!

charlotte said...

I really agree with the sense of community, what ever you blog about. I stopped writing my blog for about 6 months and really missed the interaction of like minded people. I feel really lucky to know just a little about the people who are kind enough to leave comments about my ramblings.

Miranda said...

Hi there!

I blog for several reasons, it allows me to have personal time and it helps keep family memories. I'll go back and read a few posts and think 'I forgot about that.'

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Yes, I really relate to this post. While I'm not opposed to making some cents from my blog, when I come across posts all about how to increase traffic and make more money it kind of gags me out. And makes me feel like one of my friends is pitching me a pyramid scheme...

The main reason I blog is really to brain dump. I do so much online research -- I hope I'm saving some other poor soul some time by posting my findings.

Eco Yogini said...

@charlotte: isn't that fun how we feel so connected? Interestingly, there are a few people who used to comment (and blog) and have stopped and I often wonder how they are doing...

@Miranda: Yes! an online journal :)

@Betsy: I agree, I'm also not opposed to making money with your blog, or if you use your blog for business purposes- that makes 100% sense.
For myself it was the fact that it was ELEPHANT journal that made me feel a bit icky. That site is supposed to be a yoga-buddhist site...
In any case, it works for many people to write for them, just not for what I wanted out of blogging. And it helped me realize that, which is good :)

Also- I agree with your brain dump- it's nice to keep all the info we gather in one place.

robbie @ going green mama said...

Yes! Brain dump + one part journal. But I also take care to give my family privacy as well as I share our experiences.

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

P.S. I'm a privacy nut too. And I agree that it would be difficult to work the word nudity into posts on a regular basis : )


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