Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Cooped Up

Mindful Echo is psyched for urban chickens

Halifax is getting urban chickens! This might be old hat for some cities but for Halifax, it's been an issue oft raised since 2008 when a woman's three chickens were seized following neighbourhood complaints.

The exciting news just surfaced the other day:

While backyard chickens may not be worth the investment for many families - and sadly, it's not feasible where I live at the moment - there are an handful of great benefits to be had for those who choose to keep these foul companions.

First, and perhaps most obviously, EGGS. I currently get my eggs from a CSA  so I can attest to the difference in quality and taste compared to the grocery store variety. Although they aren't always perfectly uniform in size and colour, the glowing golden yolks are so vibrant and delicious it's plain to see the difference next to their pale counterparts.

Aside from eating them, egg shells do great things for the compost both enriching the soil and discouraging creepy crawlies from nibbling at your lettuce.

The chickens themselves also contribute to your compost with a high-nitrogen content that can eliminate the need for additional fertilizer. They also eat bugs, which I love because as much as I love being outdoors I am not a fan anything that will bite me (well, except this).

You can hear about more benefits here:

I'm looking forward to when I'll live in a place that will accommodate this kind of undertaking. For now, I'll just be on the hunt for some new neighbourhood friends who will have me over for an omelet.


Stephanie Hayes said...

I love Fred Connors backyard and his chickens. HURRAY FOR HALIFAX! This is very exciting news.

Mindful Echo said...

Steph, I think you should stay and open a chicken business. I'll be your best customer.

EMMA said...

We recently started chicken keeping again. And apart from the eggs, shells and poo being much welcomed around here, they also make great pets!! Ours are so friendly!

Mindful Echo said...

I love the pet aspect too...though I'm not sure how they would fare with my "playful" pup or if one of my cats escaped to check them out.

Eco Yogini said...

i think the "pet" aspect is a good point. Chickens live for years, so it's extremely important to consider them as an investment just like you would a dog or cat. Also, they don't lay eggs for their entire lives, so having a plan with what to do with them once their egg laying years are over is a good idea.

oh- and YAY for Halifax!! :) Now... if we could only have urban bees next.... :D

Green Bean said...

We've had our ladies for 4 years now and love them! They are wonderful for the garden (yay, chicken poop!), make great eggs and our current brood are sweet as can be!

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Fabulous news! Our city even allows roosters. Many of our neighbors have them, although I can't say the entire neighborhood is thrilled with that. I like feeling like I'm in a semi-rural area. If you have a big suburban yard, it might as well be good for something.


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