Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Green Your Halloween

Mindful Echo is being ghoulishly green this Halloween. 
It's that time of year again! If you've been following the Green Phone Booth for a while now, you'll know that there have been lots and lots of great ideas for helping to make getting ghoulish a bit greener.

To refresh your memory, here are some great tips from season's past:

What to do with CANDY

DIY Halloween Costumes 
and Making them the Easy Way

Keeping it Simple

Swapping it Up

Personally, I love Halloween. I'm not always the biggest on getting into costume myself, but I more so love seeing people using their imaginations and thinking outside the box. Store-bought costumes are so banal and they really don't make sense to me. They are more expensive than DIY or recycled, they are rarely decent quality, they never look as good, and they are not nearly as much fun.

Last year my partner and I did some Parks and Recreation cosplay and went as Ron Swanson and his picture of breakfast. It was awesome, if I do say so myself. I loved being able to use items I already had around the house and I had a tonne of fun making it as well!

My other recommendation is to make use of thrift stores. Now, I know that this is not a revelation, particularly around greenies like you, but I don't think a reminder can hurt! One of my main go-to thrift stores here in Halifax is Value Village. The problem, unfortunately, is that Value Village is capitalizing on the Halloween surge in costume seekers and they've begun carrying a huge supply of pre-made costumes. It totally defeats the purpose! So, if you're going the the thrifty route, I urge you to resist the allure of these plasticy aberrations!

Treehugger has always been one of my favourite green sites. Follow this link to see some of their posts on keeping the Halloween traditions as eco-friendly as possible. They have some great ideas.

Happy (early) Halloween!


robbie @ going green mama said...

My daughter is going as a "fashion girl" raiding her closet with one addition from the store. My little guy will be Batman (wearing, admittedly garage sale pj's and a homemade cape.) Both are SO happy with their ideas. And mom loves their creativity1

Mindful Echo said...

Those both sound awesome- in particular Batman! Any reason to wear pjs in public!

Christy said...

I'm not dressing up this year, but if I had to I have my perfect costume - "raining cats and dogs" - wearing a raincoat and boots, holding an umbrella with toy dogs and cats on the top! My other idea is "ceiling fan" - a tshirt with "go ceiling" on it and holding pom poms!

Cute, eh?


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