Monday, October 14, 2013

Is There Rain Forest in Your Halloween Candy?

From the bean of Green Bean.

What to give out on Halloween night is always such a conundrum for me.  I began by avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup.  That stuff is really not good for you!  Then came Fair Trade.  Then the question of all those plastic candy wrappers that will be on this planet for pretty much forever.

This year, I'm also trying to avoid Palm Oil.  Once thought to be a healthier type of vegetable oil, palm oil has become very popular amongst manufacturers and can be found in more than 50% of products including baked goods, cosmetics, body care products, cleaning products and, yup, you guessed it, candy!  Given its popularity, palm oil is now responsible for major deforestation of rain forests, pushing its inhabitants - including elephants and orangutans - toward extinction.  (To learn more about palm oil, check out and how to help, check out RAN's page and heart-wrenching video.)

So, if you cross out HFCS, non-fair trade chocolate, palm oil, not packaged in plastic, what's left?  What do you give out?


Julia (Color Me Green) said... someone who works for the rainforest alliance, i am an expert in chocolate bars that are rainforest friendly, so i'm going to go ahead and make some specific recommendations. endangered species makes mini bars that would be good as a halloween handout. dagoba makes even smaller chocolate pieces. justin's peanut butter cups are soo good and their packaging is renewable/compostable. hershey's bliss are little bite size chocolates wrapped in foil (don't think they have palm oil, will check next time i see them in the office). enjoy!

Christy said...

The Hallowe'en treat issue is a hard one for me. On top of the issues you've presented, I have a hard time with unethical chocolate coming from sources that use child slave labour:

s.e. said...

I have never seen hershey's bliss in eastern canada where i live. Will look for them. I hate halloween and easter too because of the chocolate issues. Cadbury's plain chocolate is fairtrade, last year we could buy mini cadbury bars but haven't seen them this year. None of the mini organic or fairtrade other types of bars seem to be available out here either:(


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