Friday, November 29, 2013

Fort McMoney: An Interactive Free Online Documentary about Alberta's Oil Sands

(EcoYogini shares a ridiculously awesome new online doc about Canada's oil sands)

The oil sands. They are one of Canada's greatest environmental shames. Outside of Canada it may seem like Canadians are all for the oil sands, from how our Prime Minister speaks, however this is far from the truth. Debates and media rage over the issue.

Despite all this, I don't know all that much about Alberta's oil sands or Fort McMurray. Which is a bit crazy considering the majority of workers who go there are from the Maritime provinces.

Enter a neat and revolutionary documentary: "Fort McMoney". This online (free!) interactive documentary allows you to experience and learn about Fort McMurray, interact with key, real, people from the actual mayor, environmental activists, oil industry representatives and the homeless- who live there and hear different perspectives on the oil sands.

The interactive documentary was created by a Quebecois francophone director: David Dufresne and the online doc is available with subtitles in both English and French (you'll notice some of the people interviewed will comment on French or in French as I assume the director speaks with a strong French accent while interviewing).

I played the doc for about 30min and was hooked. It was so interesting and engaging; a completely new way to experience a documentary. (I would recommend playing it on a PC as it doesn't load on my mac).

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Mindful Echo said...

I checked this out and it's an amazing site. What a new and interesting idea to increase engagement about Fort McMurray. I think across Canada (but perhaps more so in the Maritimes) our young workers are drifting to Fort MAC looking to bring home some money. It's interesting to be witness to this modern "gold rush" of sorts.


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