Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow What?

Mindful Echo is snowed in.

It's a snow day here in Halifax. For those readers in warmer climates, let me tell you: a snow day is a day of pure magic. It's one part vacation, one part hot chocolate, and one part that's just a big ol' pile of snow.

Snow removal is a necessary evil of snow days and winter in general. Although most cities employ a number of strategies for removing snow as quickly and efficiently as possibly, I doubt that the environmental impact is top-of-mind for most individuals who simply need to be able to manoeuvre on the streets and sidewalks to accomplish their daily tasks.

Where I live, the main lines of defence are twofold: the plow and the salt spray. Obviously, the extra impact of gas use and the introduction of rock salt to the environment is less than desirable. While this may be a necessity for the city-wide removal of snow, it's probably over-kill for the average home-owner. The fact is, the best thing to do is to just go out and shovel. (If you're physically capable of doing so, of course.)

I have to admit, I kind of love shovelling anyways. It's tough work but is super rewarding. Plus, there's something about warming your body though movement while the snow swirls around you; your nose is cold and snowflakes stick to your eyelashes as everything outdoors begins to twinkle beneath the fresh white glitter. Like I said, snow days are magic.


Green Bean said...

Sitting here in drought plagued California, I am pea green with envy - even with the dilemma of shoveling or salt spray!

Gillian Wesley said...

Hear, hear! I am a fellow lover of shoveling. It's part of the snow day experience! I wish the city would at least switch to sand. In addition to being not so earth friendly, it is so hard on my pup's paws!

Mindful Echo said...

Totally! Salt is the worst for my pup too! Even with a nice beeswax balm on his paws, the salt often cuts a fun snowdate short. :(


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