Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Pipeline Edition

Mindful Echo is struggling to stay informed about all the impacts and implications of pipeline development in Canada and the USA. Click the images to view the stories to which they belong.

Natural gas pipeline explodes near Otterburne, Man.

Keystone, Northern Gateway: Why 2014 will be year of big decisions for Canadian oil and gas

Pipeline battles loom in Canada if Keystone stalled

Stephen Harper meets TransCanada reps in Mexico as he gets ready to lobby Barack Obama on Keystone XL pipeline

Pipeline rupture report raises questions about TransCanada inspections

  And the most recent scary news :

While U.S. Waits On KXL Decision, A New Tar Sands Pipeline Just Got Approved




Green Bean said...

Ug! Too many pipelines and every one a battle.

Christy said...

So much time and energy (and vested interests) on pipelines, too little on alternative and more sustainable energy.

Mindful Echo said...

Agreed and agreed. Sorry for such a frustrating and depressing post. :(


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