Friday, June 13, 2014

Discovering our Secret Garden

Since we began talking about buying a house I have had dreams of a beautiful vegetable garden. I want to grow food, not lawn. It would have all the yummiest veggies and pretty flowers that would attract pollinators... you know. It would be a-may-zing.

We totally had time to plan our garden this year too. We took possession of the house in the middle of a ridiculously cold winter.

Unfortunately, I didn't think it through that a) gardens cost money and b) we'd need to build a raised bed. And we don't have any tools or supplies to make one. Oh yeah- and I know absolutely nothing about gardening and plants. I can barely keep a cactus alive.

A few weeks into stuff finally growing in our yard and it's even more clear that we really should wait a year before planting a food garden.

Instead I started photo documenting my discovery of the plant and flower life that was emerging in our yard. It quickly became evident from a few surprises that I can barely tell what is a weed and what isn't. Dandelions are about the only thing I can pull up with confidence.
(These are my favourite flowers growing up- we called them "Bluebells" - although I know they're "grape hyacinth" They used to grow near my grammie's barn)

(A pleasant surprise were all the wild strawberries that are COVERING our lawn, and flower garden area. These I recognized right away! Can't wait to forage wild strawberries!)

(The first things to grow were these amazing bushes of daffodils- what a great surprise!)

Although I have days where I really want a neat and tidy garden, with mulch covering all the ugly weeds (or ARE THEY???), I am loving discovering the daily surprises our garden gives us. No fertilizer, no pesticides and let's see what grows!

Here are a few surprises so far:
(Ok, these I honestly thought were weeds and was THIS close to pulling them up... then they flowered! I love them! also you can see there are pink and white bleeding hearts too!)

(Before this flowered I thought they were grass gone to seed- it took us a while to mow, what? The hornets LOVE them and they are now my favs- all fluffy and pink!)

(Originally thought these were wild flowers... but someone said they were perennials that must have been planted on purpose!)

(gorgeous magenta lilacs- we new these were coming because the lady had left the plastic tag on the bush. The colour of the flowers were a complete surprise though)

(again- more evidence that I should wait before gardening- I thought these were weeds... and then they flowered. Guess not!)

(This is apparently a "scotch broom". Andrew and I thought it was a needle-type pine bush, but it flowers! It is now covered in these beautiful yellow flowers and I no longer question why someone would plant an otherwise ugly bush)

(I still don't know what these bush is- but the red flowers are so pretty!)

(Before this little stem came up I just assumed these were weeds- and I was kinda right. Lupines in Nova Scotia are generally considered weeds and invasive...)

(But they're so pretty! I've decided that I am a fan :) )


Green Bean said...

So pretty - what fun surprises. I have read that you should wait a year living at a new house before taking plants out, redoing the garden, etc. The idea is that things change throughout the seasons. Some plant that you might have thought was worthless (or a weed, been there!) turns out to have beautiful blooms. Of course, if there are plants that you can readily identify and don't want, then remove away. Otherwise, you might want to wait out the year and watch the secret garden unfold. It looks like it might be a magical one!

Betsy Escandon said...

I should do this for my yard. I also know absolutely nothing about gardening, but I inherited a home where the owners obviously did (or paid someone who did). I also love that it is a crowded mish mash. Our gardener (read: lawn mower) offered to thin things out and make it look better. I told him not to bother as I have young kids that trample plants and wreak havoc. I do love seeing what comes up. So funny that things look like weeds until they bloom beautifully.

Stacy said...

The 6th picture down (the little white flowers) are lily of the valley I'm sure. I'm in Nova Scotia too, and they grow all around here (and spread rather easily). I think they're sweet looking, but they are highly poisonous...just so you know!

Eco Yogini said...

@Green Bean: good to know patience is the recommended way! :) I will admit that I did take out some of the dandelions and strawberries that seemed to be choking out some of the obviously pretty flowers.

@Betsy: good! So nice to know I'm not the only one!

@Stacy: oh! That IS good to know! Thank you :)

Elizabeth said...

So many awesome flowers! Love it. The thing of it is that the garden (once you get in there) keeps evolving. You move things around. You add new things. You see what works best where. But based on the pictures, I'd definitely leave all those pretty flowers and figure out a design plan around them :) Exciting times ahead--you'll learn over time: read up, talk to lots of people, and so much is trial and error. The funny thing is that scotch broom is an invasive species in Oregon--it spreads like crazy and is a huge problem for people with seasonal allergies too. :)

robbie @ going green mama said...



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