Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Technology for the Greater Green

Mindful Echo is finding the bright side.

Every so often we're lucky enough to find an event, a book, a group, or a product that combines some of our multiple passions. Although I'm not particularly tech-savvy in too many ways, I'm definitely a sucker for some good technology. Likewise, I know that my electronically-based pastimes can rarely coexist with my intention to live a green lifestyle. So I'm sure you can imagine how excited I get when I see research projects with applications that can undoubtedly help us all to live more eco-friendly lives.

It seems a team of researchers, along with the Halifax Regional Municipality, and the Dalhousie University Renewable Energy Storage Labratory, have developed possibly the coolest interactive map I've ever seen.

Complete with the universally-loved slidey thingy, the map demonstrates the amount of solar accessibility to the rooftops of homes and businesses in the region.

The practical application of this resource is great, particularly for individuals who are looking to make investments in solar panels, etc. for home use. I'm hoping that this data will be kept up-to-date for a time when I'm in a position to purchase a home. I'd like to think that access to sunlight for possible solar energy can be a part of the decision making process. I hope others will take advantage of this tool as well!

Do you have access to this type of resource in your community? Would a tool like this help with your green living investments and choices?


Green Bean said...

Now THAT is cool. While I think big solar and wind farms are better than, say, more coal plants, I still solar on rooftops is bar none the best option out there. What cool tech.

Mindful Echo said...

Totally! Imagine if every city was able to determine their ability to use solar panels and where based on this kind of map? I'm so impressed.


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