Friday, August 8, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why I Commute 45min To Work

EcoYogini realizes (finally) that yes, living rurally was the right choice for her...

A few months ago, while making the 45-60min commute to work while surrounded by snow, ice and grey I wondered if we had really made the right choice moving all the way out where we did. The commute was (is) a huge adjustment, I was (am) feeling large dollops of gas guzzling guilt (the commute AND our new dependence on oil for heating) and for what? Stuck inside due to the early sunsets and snowy weather, it felt like a slightly larger (and nicer) apartment that we now drive a ridiculous distance to enjoy.

Until summer finally hit (we didn't have a spring to speak of this year...). Now I get it.

Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Happy Living Rurally:

1. I can see the stars at night. Next week when the Perseid meteor shower does it's annual show, barring cloudy skies, I'll be able to step out onto our deck, look up and enjoy.

2. I can practice yoga on our deck after work, surrounded by birds, flowers, trees and with the wind softly saying hello.

(thunderstorm as it approached the house today- still rumbling while I sit outside and type AND it hailed pea sized hail!)

3. I can type my blog posts while sitting on my deck, post thunderstorm glory and watch the birds (currently chickadees, goldfinches, hummingbirds, juncos, baby woodpecker, sparrows and mourning doves).
(A grasshopper chillin' out in our peonies in our front yard)

4. My days are easily filled with at least 30min of outside time: whether it's our daily exploration of our garden to discover the lovely minute changes in each blossom, sitting out and enjoying a coffee, practicing yoga or playing some guitar- all this can happen after work in the evening hours.

(My deck yoga spot- on a cloudy day early this week!)

5. The smells that surround me are a mixture of flowers, trees, dew and the errant BBQ. No exhaust, cement or garbage (city) smells here.

6. The sounds that I hear each day are the bird calls (that I'm relearning all over again), squirrels, the cicadas, the grasshoppers cricking as the zip across the yard and the bees buzzing. Some days I hear children laughing and playing and our neighbour's dogs barking. Cars, traffic, construction noises are all distant echoes.

7. Running is now filled with fresh air, trees and bird sightings instead of traffic lights, exhaust and compost smells.

8. The clothesline. I am in love with my clothesline. I am so happy when I see our clothes swinging in the breeze, smell the outdoor on them when I put them on the next day and know that the energy used to dry them was solar.

9. Our future vegetable and herb garden plans are bubbling in my thoughts. Now that we've spent most of our first summer here, I have a better idea of sunlight patterns, soil and the time I have to give to a garden (re: size of garden). I'm pumped for our first veggies!

(A beautiful lily amidst some overgrown ferns in our yard)

10. I am spending less time plugged into technology and much more time present.

All this to say that our house in the rural-burbs gives us so much more connection with Nature; something feels right and has clicked in my soul. I no longer count the days to when I can visit my parents cottage 4 hours away, feeling the cement, traffic, pollution, crowds of people, slowly sucking away my ability to feel grounded.


Betsy Escandon said...

Your home sounds amazing. My husband often spends that long driving home from work in traffic. We live in a suburban part of large city.

Anonymous said...

I think you made a great decision. :)

What a great place to live!

Mindful Echo said...

That's so great. Sometimes I dream about not being woken up by the ship's foghorns passing through the harbour. That would be my live-in-the-country dream. lol


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