Friday, October 24, 2014

An Honest Post

Today is my day to post...

But after the events of this week in Ottawa, I'm really at a loss as to what to say.

I'm not even ready to really share my thoughts on what it means to have a Terrorist attack our Canadian parliament, or against our national military forces, by individuals who were BORN and raised Canadians. Or how I feel about the loss of a personable and approachable (relatively) political space.

So. This is what I'm sharing with you, boothers. An honest tidbit: I really don't feel very hopeful at all; I actually feel pretty darn conflicted.

I am not a fan of warfare. I'm pretty much a leftist, tree hugging pacifist that feels we should be investing more in our education, health systems and less in military fighter jets and air strikes. I don't believe in paranoia. I feel extremely uncomfortable with the fact that in Quebec they shot and killed the man who ran over those two soldiers with his car when all he was carrying on his person was a knife.

This week has shaken that resolve (not squashed it) and for the first time in this long battle against climate change, sexism and right wing political leanings I feel tendrils of fear that perhaps we won't get a happy future. I have a better (not even close to complete) understanding of my American neighbour's reactions and subsequent cultural shift in 2001.

Yes, this is dramatic. But it's my birthday and... yep... I'll dramatize if I want to.

How do you carry hope?


Green Bean said...

Sometimes it is hard to carry hope but I find just putting one foot in front of the other and carrying on is often the best remedy. xo

Lisa said...

I don't have answers, but after yesterday's school shooting here in Washington, I very much understand what you are saying. Here's to hope.


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