Friday, January 2, 2015

Reverse Green Resolutions

Queen Composter is rethinking the traditional new year resolutions.

It's the new year and my Facebook feed is full of inspirational quotes and resolutions for starting the year well. But like Neil deGrasse Tyson, I won't be making any resolutions.

We have all had to make resolutions in January when we were in school, which we know almost immediately that we wouldn't keep. Then we feel bad about ourselves for not keeping the resolutions. 

Unless there has been a genuine shift in thinking and attitude, and we are able to make a change in behaviour a habit, we do not follow through on our goals. 

Instead, I think we should be focussing on all the positive actions we have done for the environment over the previous year, like a reverse resolution. Most likely we are doing more than we realize, and this is important because we can get bogged down in all the things we should be doing. 

I've brainstormed as many actions that I can think of that we may have done in 2014, and if you have made even five items on the list a habit give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Keep up the good work for 2015!
  • shop local 
  • buy locally grown food
  • be conscious of the miles (or kilometres for my fellow Canucks) your goods have traveled and how they were produced: sometimes just knowledge is the start of behaviour changes
  • grow your own food, even if it is sprouts or container tomatoes
  • compost food scraps
  • cook food from scratch
  • make rather than buy
  • repair rather than replace
  • avoid products with unnecessary packaging 
  • avoid unnecessary car trips
  • become knowledgeable about the toxic load of the products you use
  • buy in bulk
  • hang clothes to dry
  • unplug unused appliances 
  • buy second hand
  • give away unwanted clothing and footwear (or happily accept hand-me-downs)
  • use reusable shopping bags 
  • reduce the amount of meat in your diet
  • use non-plastic food containers
  • read blogs with an environmental focus
  • talk to friends about issues that are important to you, and listen to them talk about issues that are important to them
  • spend more time in nature
  • plant pollinator friendly flowers
  • try making your own skin care products 
  • learn about native plants
  • become aware of environmental issues in your local area
  • support a cause that is important to you 
What else can you add to the reverse resolution list?


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I was looking over your list and felt really good because there were quite a few on there that we have accomplished. I also see where we can improve. Really good post!

Betsy Escandon said...

Great idea! I'm all about building on the positive. Love that you referenced Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Janice said...

Thanks, as always, for the inspiration! Packaging is a nemesis for sure!

Green Bean said...

Hear hear hear! I love the idea focusing on what we've accomplished and resolving to keep it up.


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