Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Mindful Echo is enjoying the connection between music and the environment.

I learned a new concept today: ecomusicology. Essentially it's a blend of music related to ecology and the environment, including nature and culture. Ecomusicology also encompasses the interdisciplinary study of ecocriticism, which is the analysis of the environment and environmental problems.

I've always thought that I was at my most introspective when hiking a local trail, listening to the crunching of leaves, the rustle of branches, and the whirl of the breeze. I also find my thoughts and imagination running freely when I'm partially submerged in a warm lake, with only the quiet lapping of gentle waves. Who knew that I was unconsciously engaging in an academic field of study and performance?!

Curious? This video combines the natural sounds of nature and imposes the melody of the steel pan. The effect is delightful! Click the video below to hear ecomusicology in action:


Green Bean said...

Oh my, that is delightful! I love listening to nature and now I have a name for it.

Mindful Echo said...

And it's such a sophisticated name for just listening to the birds chirp, eh?

Anne said...

Yes, love it! In radio & tv production we would discuss it as natural sound, and it always makes a broadcast package better.

Eco Yogini said...

Very cool!! :)


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