Monday, March 16, 2015

Four Tips for a Greener Spring

The Climate Crusader is looking forward to a green spring, and she has tips to share.

The first (official) day of spring is less than a week away. Here are four steps to take right now to get the season off to a green start.

1. Start Your Seeds

Many herb and veggie seeds need to be started indoors as much as two months before you transplant them outdoors. This means that now is the time to plan ahead for your fall harvest. Of course, you can always buy seedlings, but that's more expensive and there's usually variety to choose from. I eagerly await the arrival of my new seed catalog every winter, and spend a lot of time debating between tomato and carrot varieties. At my local garden center I can usually only find one type of tomato seedling, and no carrots at all. And once you feel comfortable growing from seed, you can even start saving seeds.

2. Tune up Your Bike

Cycling weather may still feel far off in some parts of North America, but it will be here before you know it. On that first sunny day, you won't want to pull your bike out of its winter resting place only to discover a rusty chain and flat tire. Now is the time to get it in shape, so that you're ready to ride (and reduce your carbon footprint) once the warmer weather arrives.

3. Green Your Cleaning Supplies

For many people spring means spring cleaning. As you're going through your stash of cleaning supplies, now is a great time to opt for greener, less-toxic options. It's not just the health of the planet that's on the line, it's the health of your family. You can even make your own cleaning products. It's super-cheap, and a whole lot easier than you would think. And yes, they really do work, pinky swear. Plus - bonus points - you'll be saving lots of money.

4. Befriend a Pollinator

Whether you're a gardener or not, your food supply depends on pollinators. Last year I tried keeping mason bees, and found that it was surprisingly easy, plus it was really fun and educational for my kids. Bee-keeping might feel like it's out of your league, but you can be a friend to a pollinator anyway. Grow plants that bees and butterflies enjoy (here's a list), steer clear of chemical pesticides and shop organic when possible.

How are you greening your spring?


Betsy Escandon said...

Such a perfect list! Love the bicycle reminder especially.

Lisa said...

Great list! Bees LOVE my lavender. It is actually very hard to weed the garden during the day during spring and summer because there are so many, ha.

Brenna Burke said...

Spring! I need to do all of these, except #3. We hardly did anything in our yard/garden last year and I am really wanting to do better this year. Now to find the time!

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Thanks for this great tips! I'm looking forward to do some spring cleaning!


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