Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Let's See Some Identification, Please

Mindful Echo is an ENVIRONMENTALIST.

A while back, when I was updating my blog and Twitter profiles, I decided to include "environmentalist" in my bios. At the time though, typing the word did give me pause. Am I an environmentalist? I mean, it's not my profession; I didn't study it in school. Am I even allowed to use this term?

It's easy enough to say I'm into green living, eco-friendly, sustainable living, and so on, and so on. All those adjectives become a bit cumbersome though. I like that environmentalist is succinct and encompasses all the other terms.

To cover my bases, I did a bit of searching to see how others were using the term. I was relieved to discover that, with my beliefs and practices, I could, indeed, claim environmentalist as an identity! came to my rescue with their second definition:

The Encyclopaedia Britannica provides a thorough and in-depth explanation of the discipline, where I am also able to see myself:
Of course, everyone's go-to reference these days, Wikipedia, needs to be included in this list:

After this quick web research I decided I felt good about labelling myself as an environmentalist. I still continue to qualify it as just an "everyday environmentalist" in casual conversation and add in some other descriptions for clarity sake.

I encourage other green-living folks to stand up and shout out if you too are living green. Identify!

So tell me, how do you identify yourself in the context of eco-conscious, sustainable, environmentally-friendly living?


Anna (Green Talk) said...

I am an environmentalist too.

Anna (Green Talk) said...

I am an environmentalist too.

Green Bean said...

Yay for this post. I feel like it has become so polarizing to call yourself an environmentalist that it is somehow really empowering to just announce it like you suggest. I am an environmentalist!

Sara Vartanian said...

Environmentalist seems very powerful. It's a definite declaration of your beliefs and actions. I love this post for making me think about the words I'm using to describe myself. I like to call myself eco-conscious :)

Sara Vartanian said...
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Mindful Echo said...

That's the beauty of this type of self identification: we practice it so let's go ahead and claim the label too.

We are empowered. We are environmentalists!

Holly Housewife said...

I am trying to be an environmentalist!
Semi environmental!!
It's hard here in Newfoundland, they don't do recycling or even green bins!!

Holly Housewife said...

Well they recycle some! To clarify^ but not like HALIFAX and I miss it. I miss those smelly old green bins and all!


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