Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Gardening in Atlantic Canada Will Have to Wait

EcoYogini dreams of spring...

For Yulemas this year my lovely hubby built raised planter beds (using only a handsaw and drill, he got a skilsaw for yulemas itself.... which he said would have been helpful BEFORE while building my presents!) and heirloom seed varietals. I was (am) excited: it will be our first vegetable garden!

Now is the time that we should be thinking about starting our seeds inside, at least some of them, so that as soon as the frost is gone we can start a-planting.

Except, you may not have heard but Atlantic Canada (specifically Nova Scotia and Prince-Edward Island provinces) have been buried under a spell of perpetual winter. Almost Narnia-esque, or Hoth-esque, depending on your preference. If you wanna see truly crazy pics pre-March storm in PEI- check out this Buzzfeed post (PEI is the little island province near Nova Scotia).

Just last week we got another 5 cm of snow.

The Snowpocolypse (or end of the world) happened on March 18th this year, where we got between 75-90cm of snow. In one day. Over the course of February and March the Halifax area got 278 cm.

If you can't visualize that, let me help you.
(in the heart of Snowmaggedon, our front yard. What you can't see is my black Yaris hatchback under the snow bank to the right of the weeping birch)
Shovelling a path just to get to the car.... 

My Yaris hatchback is buried under that...

Car snow archeology!

One path shovelled...

Almost there....

(Hours later- done. Where Andrew is standing, the snow on the road was actually about a foot less than what you see there... so there was no point in shovelling further until our street was plowed)

Currently, almost a month after Snowmaggedon, our entire yard is still completely covered under 3-4 feet of snow. At least the snow banks lining our (hand shovelled) driveway now only come up to my hips instead of my head.

Migrating birds who come for worms and bugs (such as Robins and Woodcocks) are starving. Andrew and I bought raspberries for our little Robin buddies.

All spring-like activities are a future dream. I am insanely jealous of all the other Boother's pics of dry, spring-esque photos. Why do I live in Atlantic Canada? (Oh right, it doesn't usually snow THIS MUCH).

So... my expectations for our first ever vegetable garden are this: we will grow something edible. Hah, that's it. I think that's reasonable, eh?


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

wow, I checked out the PEI photos - insane! this winter in NYC was bitterly cold for weeks on end, but at least we didn't have to deal with that much snow. reminding me that I don't actually ever want to move that far north of NYC.

Helena said...

Now see, every time I think "Gee, maybe I'd want to live somewhere with four distinct seasons" something like this reminds me why I can't bring myself to do it. :) Hope you get some spring soon!

Green Bean said...

Too much snow where you live and not enough in California. Climate change is here and it ain't pretty! I hope to see some gardening photos in another month or two.

Diane said...

Here on PEI we say we have four seasons - early winter, mid-winter, late winter and next winter.


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