Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our First Raised Bed Vegetable Garden!

One of my dreams for the past few years has been growing my own food.

Historically, attempts at growing my own food have led to subpar results (wasps, bugs, not growing, rooftop gardening with scarily precarious fire escape access...).

This Yulemas Andrew surprised me with two raised bed planter boxes he had made himself (with a handsaw at that!) and heirloom organic seeds from Cubit's. OH YEAH.

Today we set up number one of two planter boxes with three of the six food types: Rainbow carrots, Rainbow Swiss Chard and Beets. These three were all "plantable" in mid to late May (for the Maritime provinces). They *should* all be resistant to any frost, as the risk of frost continues in Nova Scotia until after the first full moon in June (which is early June this year). Although today it's up to 20 degrees (Celsius), yesterday it snowed, hailed and rained all in one day. You never know...

After last year's aphid and beetle bug flower disaster I really wanted to make sure we maximized companion flower planting. So we also planted marigolds- which look ugly and smell gross but will hopefully deter bad bugs.

We chose a spot that gets sun for most of the day- on the edge of our sand circle that was left from the pool that used to live there. Perfect since there is no grass or weeds.

(Andrew looking forlorn as he tries to sink the legs into the sand by sitting on the box...)
(That didn't work so we both sat on the edges...)
(which also didn't work so Andrew used a shovel- success!)
(We then lined the box with cardboard. Traditionally with untreated wood people tend to line them with plastic, but an alternative can be cardboard)
(First layer- peat moss to help with drainage etc)
(Then we added compost and organic soil and planted the stinky marigolds in the corners and middle for bug deterrence)
(then we planted: ONE Beet seed)
(ONE Rainbow Swiss Chard- such a weird looking seed)
(A row of rainbow carrots!)

(Finally, we put window screen on top for a  temporary wildlife deterrent. This gives Andrew some time to build something a bit more permanent- with hinges or something. Also, I bought TOO MANY marigolds, so I planted some in temporary plastic containers until we plant our second raised bed).

Our goal? That something edible grows....  :)


Helena said...

I'm with you on the marigold smell, but they do actually seem to work. We plant them with our tomatoes, and while we still end up with a few bugs (it's Florida, we are never *not* going to have bugs) the damage is pretty minimal compared to the years we haven't bothered with them. Hope your seeds grow into delicious veggies!

daisy g said...

Love your idea with the screen! I need to try that!
Wishing you success with your raised beds.
I hope you'll share this outdoor post on Tuesday's Maple Hill Hop!

Green Bean said...

I can't wait to hear what grows! The screen thing is pretty genius.

Mindful Echo said...

That picture of Andrew alone on the box is both hilarious and tragically sad.

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