Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Love in Nature

Mindful Echo captured two loving acts on camera. 

I snapped this picture at the top of Cape Split (a gorgeous hike in Nova Scotia that crescendos with a breathtaking view of the Bay of Fundy). We had hiked the two hours into the cape, had a snack, ohhed and ahhed at the view, and were heading back to the trail. 

I spotted my partner wandering off just slightly and wondered where he was going. I already had my camera ready so when I realized what he was doing, I took a perfect sneaky shot. 

Any guesses?

If you look closely you can see he's got some gross looking trash in his hand. Was it ours? Nope. Do we know how long it had been blowing around out there? Nope. But he just went ahead and scooped it up in an ongoing effort to keep our precious spaces beautiful and clean. 

Originally my plan was to share this picture to give him some well-earned kudos for this gentle act but when I took a second look, I noticed something else: the two lovebirds smooching in the background.

I certainly can't blame them. The sun was shining, the water was glistening, and the view was positively poetic.

So, when I look at this picture now, I see two acts of love - one with our earth, and one with each other - and it highlights the connection between the two acts. If we work to take care of the natural beauty we live amongst, keep it clean and free of litter, then we allow the space to continue to be appreciated by us all.

Let's be mindful of our footprints, particularly in areas of ecological rarity. Treat them with love so that they can be a place that inspires love in others.


Green Bean said...

I love it! I pick up trash wherever I go but as your photo points out. That is just one way to show love in nature.

Mindful Echo said...

Well done, Green Bean! I definitely *try* to do the same but I admit that it's not always something I think about. Big kudos to everyone who does it without a second thought.


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