Thursday, July 23, 2015

Five Million Litre Oil Spill in Northern Alberta

Another oil spill and Mindful Echo is furious.

The media is reporting that Nexen Energy's pipeline ruptured sometime between June 29th and July 15th. The spill resulted in 5 million litres of heavy crude, or, 31,500 barrels. The double-layered steel pipe was only 8 months old and Nexen Energy has yet to provide an explanation or any other information beyond a feeble "apology."

Watch the video report below:

But how? How does this happen? You have a warning system to specifically prevent this from happening! Nexen Energy isn't sure yet and it could be months before the public is informed.

Meanwhile, 16,000 square metres of muskeg is slathered in bitumen, sand and produced water.

Nexen Energy CEO, Fang Zhi, has contributed little insight on the matter.


Senior Vice President, Ron Bailey, isn't so full of answers himself.

But it's okay, guys, because they're both disappointed and sorry

This is the second spill that has taken place at this site. Residents of local First Nations communities are concerned about the long-term impact this will have on the environment and wildlife, and rightfully so.

Regardless of your politics on the issue of oil drilling, at the very least, we should all be able to agree that enforcement of responsible drilling has to be a priority. How many accidents until an apology doesn't cut it anymore?



Holly Housewife said...

So sad!
The I don't know memes are perfect

Mindful Echo said...

Thanks! Trying to bring some levity to an otherwise tragic situation.

Green Bean said...

I am so so very tired of oil spills. Turns out we can't really extract fossil fuels in a clean way - much less burn them. Enough already.


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