Monday, July 6, 2015

Water Conservation, Green Phone Booth Style

A hot, dry summer and a hazy, smoky sky have got the Climate Crusader thinking about water.

Yesterday evening, as I was making the 45 minute drive home after dinner with my in-laws, the air was filled with hazy smoke. There are wildfires burning nearby, following a hot, dry June and even hotter, dryer start to July. Here in the Pacific Northwest we're more known for our 'liquid sunshine' (a.k.a. rain) than actual sunshine, but so far 2015 has proven an exception. We're parched. And local government is responding by increasing water use restrictions. No surprise.

Many people are far more experienced with drought than I am. I have decided to take this opportunity to read through old Green Phone Booth articles to get suggestions. If you'd like tips on saving water and the planet, here's a quick guide I've compiled courtesy of my fellow super heroes.

Save Water in Your Garden

Green Bean has eight suggestions for saving water in your garden. They're very helpful, from switching to drought tolerant plants and mulching, to collecting rainwater and gray water, to changing your watering habits and more. Read more here.

What to Avoid in a Drought

When the rain dries up you might be tempted to let some plants and trees die and empty your birdbath. Don't! Green Bean explains five things you should not do in a drought. Protect the planet when water is scarce. Read more here.

Droughts and the Water Crisis

Droughts are nothing new, but with climate change we are experiencing more hot, dry years than ever in recorded history. Retro Housewife writes about her experiences in Oklahoma, and explains why it's important to take action. Read more here.

Rain and Rainbarrels

Truffula shares how watering her garden and using rainbarrels made rain take on a new dimension for her. Read more here.

Drink Water!

When it's hot you need to hydrate. You may be tempted to opt for iced tea or pick up a plastic water  bottle. Eco-novice explains why the best way to save water is to drink water, straight from the tap. Read more here.

The Best Way to Wash Dishes

Queen Composter explores the eco-friendliness of dishwashers versus handwashing dishes. Which one uses less energy and water? The jury may still be out. Read more here.

Why Everyone Needs to Care About Water Conservation

Not everyone lives in a place where fresh, clean water is abundant. With a global food chain and a growing population, the availability of water is something that increasingly impacts us all, whether we know it or not. It may be rainy where you are, but that doesn't let you off the hook when it comes to your water use. I explored this issue, and how everyone can help, in a past post. Read more here.


daisy g said...

We absolutely love our three rain barrels and use the water in them all the time, not just for watering plants, but also for cleaning anything outside (like trash cans).
I will never be without them again.

Green Bean said...

What a great round up of water saving tips! As drought spreads and our population increases, these are more important than ever.


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