Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Power to Change

From the bean of Green Bean.

Have you read the latest report on climate change? Environmental degradation? Mass extinction? It does not matter which one. They are all bad. All depressing.

It is enough to make one bury her head in the sand. And, while there are days that I definitely feel like doing that, yesterday was not one of them.

Yesterday, I donned my superhero cape and rocked the environmental world. That is how I felt, at least, when I visited my local legislator with a small group of concerned constituents.

It is so easy to say no but when I got the phone call asking me to attend this meeting ("Why did I give them my phone number?!" was my first thought. My second was "Why did I answer the phone?!"), I somehow said yes.

The night before, my stomach in knots, I wondered if I could back out, feign illness or just not show. It would be easy.

I have already done easy though. So instead, I pulled on my big girl boots and met my fellow activists outside of my legislator's office. We talked briefly about what we would say and then headed up.

Frankly, it was an easy sell. The two staffers we spoke with were fully on board and we were assured of our legislator's support of the bill (SB185 to divest California's pension funds from coal). They shared advice on what more we could do to ensure the bill's passage. After high fiving my cohorts, I strolled out the door feeling a little less depressed and a lot more empowered.

We all have the power to create the change we want to see in the world. We just need to get out from behind our keyboards and do it!

If you are considering taking action (and I hope you are!), check out Activism for Introverts. Now go change the world.


Lisa said...

Great job! I understand your reservations. Sadly my legislators are not good about environmental issues, my senator is the one and only Inhofe, ha!

Mindful Momma said...

Good for you! I too felt a bit nervous when I went to Washington DC to speak with my senators - but I'm so glad I did it! Good for us introverts to push ourselves out of our comfort zones sometimes!

Betsy Escandon said...

You are a super hero for sure! Way to put on those big girl boots and kick your inhibitions to the curb! Action is a great way to counteract the depressing effects of the mostly downer environmental news.

LexyZ said...

I recently spoke with an environmental lawyer who said concerned citizens aren't aware enough how impactful their activism is, no matter how small/big/scary. Was a good reminder to me to get back out there.

Norm Brown said...

Stand strong. You're doing the right thing!


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