Sunday, November 22, 2015

Show Up, Stand Up.

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Next week, the climate talks in Paris will begin. Over 200,000 were expected to gather outside to rally our leaders to take meaningful action but, due to the horrific attacks in Paris earlier this month, that march has been canceled. This means that the voices of the people may be muted during the international talks.

Give A Shit

We cannot let this happen. Organizers of the Paris march have called on all of us to stand up, show up and join local marches. To protest on behalf of those who cannot. There are thousands of marches and rallies planned this coming weekend, November 28 and 29, as well as the following weekend, December 5 and 6.  (Click here to find a rally near you or to learn more about the Global Climate March!Please join one.

Climate Change Action Needs ALL Solutions ALL Parties
This past Saturday, my family and friends attended the Northern California Climate Mobilization. That is a mouthful but it was also a kick off to the global climate march. Let me start by confessing that I am not a marcher. I feel awkward waving a sign and shouting a slogan. But I also grasp the severity of the situation. If we do not act on climate change, it will be far worse than my feelings of discomfort or than my kid missing a soccer game so he can attend (nay, lead!) a rally demanding climate action.

My son leads fellow marchers in a cheer. 
All misgivings aside, we made signs. We marched. We chanted. We made friends. We made noise. We felt empowered.

"Doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain." - Pope Francis
Please join us by showing up to a local climate march in the next two weeks. Stand Up for Mother Earth.

Stand Up For Mother Earth


1) I've never been to a march before. What do I do? 

Find a march near you. There are thousands to choose from. Show up. It is that simple. Bonus points if you wear an environmentally themed tee-shirt or hat or if you bring signs. Most likely, though, there will be free signs provided by rally organizers or brought by fellow marchers. There may also be free coffee, bumper stickers, buttons and more. It is a collegial atmosphere and everyone is willing to share.

Turn Up The Heat on Climate Killers. Divest From Fossil Fuels NOW

2) I don't want to go alone. How do I recruit others to join me?

Start with your significant other or family. Then expand your circle by asking environmentally minded friends. Make a day out of it by planning lunch or an outing after the rally. If you have children, let them invite a friend. Host a sign making party beforehand to get others invested. See if a local chapter of or the Sierra Club or similar group is sponsoring buses. You can then go with a group of activists from your community.

Homeland Security (Earth Is Home)

3) But will it even make a difference?

I feel powerless all the time when it comes to global warming and our environment. I feel frustrated that our leaders are not listening and that many of my fellow citizens do not even believe in climate change. Nothing, however,  is more empowering that standing up and making noise. President Obama did not reject the Keystone XL Pipeline because folks sat home and worried. He did not cancel Arctic drilling leases because we grew our own vegetables and biked to work. Those personal actions are important but do not underestimate the power and importance of personally showing up.

4) How do I expand my reach?

Take LOTS of photos. Share them on social media. Email or text them to friends. Post them on a blog, like this one. Share articles covering marches on social media and amplify people you follow on those platforms by sharing their experiences of the rallies they attended. Make noise!

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