Friday, December 18, 2015

Solve All Your Problems with a Norfolk Pine Living Holiday Tree

As much as I adore decorating for the holidays, my flat doesn't have a tonne of extra space that lends itself easily to setting up a big ol' tree. Not to mention, I definitely don't have the storage space for an artificial tree to be boxed up for the rest of the year.

My plan for 2015 was to get a small, real tree to set up in my window and I hadn't really given it much thought beyond that. It was a total shock when I came home last week to a good-sized potted Norfolk Pine just begging to fill that holiday void!

I hadn't done much research on living trees and so I've spent the last few days reading up and learning about all the wonders of this magical holiday plant. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's the answer to every problem I have in my life.

Real tree or fake tree?
NEITHER GET ONE THAT'S STILL ALIVE (and will continue to be after the holidays).

Make yourself a cup of tea. Dilute what's left and share a little with your tree friend.

Need a cuddle?
The boughs of the Norfolk Pine are shockingly soft. Give your tree a gentle hug.

Need to hang your ornaments?
The Norfolk Pine has plenty of willowy branches to highlight the gleam of your favourite bits and bobbles.

Love glitter?
The plant store that carried my Norfolk Pine thought it would be a fun touch of whimsy to sprinkle the branches with a dusting of glitter. Thanks to them, I'll be finding that sparkly magic for weeks, and maybe months, after the holidays.


For bonus low-impact points, I decorated my tree only with second-hand vintage glass ornaments. At a time of year when our consumption is at a premium, it's nice to know that I can celebrate in a clean way, as well as have something that will last well beyond the season and, hopefully, for years to come.


Betsy Escandon said...

I always opt for a real tree. This year we were able to cut our own from a small Christmas tree farm. It was a lot of fun! I also looked into a living tree this year -- the org we got our backyard tree from sort of "rents" the potted trees and then picks them up and plants them elsewhere after the holidays. We might try that another year. Your tree looks lovely and VERY soft and cuddly. Not a glitter fan though :P

Green Bean said...

I love this idea! We did this one year many many years ago and then I planted it out in the backyard after. I saw my neighbors have a large live tree delivered this year. Apparently, you rent it for the season and then it goes back to the tree farm or wherever it came from. It was beautiful and low impact.

daisy g said...

Lovely, that. I think we will begin a new tradition when we move to our new home next year. Why not have a real tree added to the property each and every Christmas? Love this idea! Enjoy your beautiful tree.

Lock Smith said...

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