Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cloth Diapering Decisions: Help!

After years of struggling with infertility and a very painful year of treatments, my hubby and I are pregnant. Of course, true to form, the pregnancy has been one difficult challenge after another. The latest: I am on "modified bed rest" at 4.5 months along due to placenta previa. It's definitely been a lesson on expectations, irony and letting go.

During this forced downtime, in order to avoid going crazy I've been researching a whole slew of things, including cloth diapering.

And wow- is that an ever overwhelming world of choices and decisions.

I remembered this from a post I did years back on cloth diapers over on EcoYogini- my takeaway was that the actual event isn't ridiculously difficult, but the choices and decisions that need to be made can be frightfully overwhelming. That doesn't seem to have changed.

After some research I have an idea as to what type of diaper might fit my style and family the best- either the ones where you just change the insert (not a stuffed pocket diaper, but one with a cover) or the prefolds OR the all in ones. I'm just not sure if these styles will actually fit the little bean once she arrives- since body types and babies seem to be the ones who actually choose the diaper in the end.

My biggest dilemma:

Should I:
1.  Start cloth diapering right away to get used to it and never be tempted by the convenience of disposables, or wait a few months until the baby grows and can fit into the diapers that are one size and will last longer?

2. Should I buy a limited amount of different kinds of diapers to start, and once the baby and we figure out what works best go out and purchase that kind OR

3. Make a best guess, save money by getting a bunch of those kinds as gifts or as a package and hope for the best (so I'm not having to make decisions about diapers in a sleep deprived state?).

Thoughts my cloth diapering moms?


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