We all have different preferences. Most of the time though, people who have the same upbringing have almost similar preferences as well. Like for example the Americans, they are known to prefer women with big butts. Maybe not all, but no one can deny that most of them favor girls who have big butts.

Why do you think Americans (both genders) prefer big butts?

  • Big butts are actually not a risk to anybody’s health as the fats in that area cannot contribute to any health issues.
  • It makes a woman look more attractive, no matter what she wears. Of course, the butts should not be too oversized as that is already a different story. We are just talking about butts that are a little bit bigger than the usual.
  • They know that if they have bigger butts, more men will get attracted to them. That means, they can be on the superior side. After all, the one who likes more is in a more vulnerable position.
  • If you have bigger butts, you will feel superior like you look good, especially from behind. Every time you climb the stairs, you will feel like a boss!
  • Those who have extra fats can actually endure hunger more than those who don’t have and the fats in the butts are just like extra meals. So, if you have big butts, you can last longer than if you don’t have or if you are more skinny.
  • Big butts can protect the lower back of the body, when sitting in a prolonged time. If you are an office girl, chances are you will be sitting for quite some time every day and this can cause stress in your lower back. But if you have bigger butts, you should feel the toll less.
  • And lastly, you will easily get the attention of most men in your workplace or in your frequent areas. Most men after all, love women who have sizable butts. They love touching them or caressing them for that matter. For them, women who have bigger butts are more attractive.

So, do you have smaller butts? Do you know that there are ways for you to increase your butts, aside from having a surgery? You can check out online for some tips as for sure, you will easily find one. Today, women with bigger butts are more favored.