Pornography is not new and has now been most popular due to the expansion of the Internet. Everyone has access to viewing it and took some pleasure from it. Internet pornography, it’s affordable, convenient, and gives you access anonymously.

Does Porn Coexist in a Relationship?

Accessing porn isn’t necessarily bad for relationships but that greatly depends on how your partner feels about it. But the question is, can porn and relationships coexist? It has been reported that pornography has negative impacts on a relationship.

  • There would be a difficulty of being sexually aroused without accessing porn
  • High chance of losing interest and engaging in sexual activities with the partner
  • Some people view pornography as betrayal and infidelity to a relationship
  • Partners will feel threatened and sexually inadequate as
  • There would be a decrease in sexual satisfaction and closeness with the partner
  • Trust decreases in the relationship due to the feeling of deception and dishonesty

Positive Side of Pornography in a Relationship

Though there are negative effects of coexisting porn and relationships, there are also positive sides to it. Watching pornography provides you open-mindedness about sex and would allow your imagination to run free. With that being said, there will be new things you could try with your partner, making your intimate moments more enjoyable.

Aside from allowing your imagination to work, another positive effect of porn is the increase in sexual satisfaction. These somehow make people good. Viewing pornography has become beneficial to their sex lives, attitudes toward sex, perception about sex, and life in general.

Masturbation will not be out of the picture when talking about porn. Viewing porn encourages a person to masturbate which is said to be healthy. Yes, as studies show, masturbation has a lot of benefits. It could help in reducing the risk for women to get UTIs and also reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men. In that way, you’ll be healthy to continue with your happy relationship.

There might be a way to know what will help you feel aroused which could help you when needed. It comes like an educative way to learn your desires, what makes you feel delighted. This calls for expanding horizons in learning what could make you and your partner’s sexual life happy.

Porn will not be an issue in an open relationship. As long as you discuss this with your partner, it will not be a reason for insecurity and relationship to fall. You need to make sure as well that your partner is getting the right amount of time and attention throughout your relationship.