When it comes to sex, anyone surely wants to enjoy the moment and not just to reach orgasm. Unfortunately, some people experience problems with their sexual life. Some men are no longer happy with their partner just because they cannot do the positions they want. There are also limitations that could somehow lessen the excitement when making love. But such issues will never be encountered if you will go for a sex doll. In fact, there are many reasons why people began to love sex dolls.

– They look and feel real like a human.

– They can never complain when it comes to sex which means you can do any position and have sex with them for as long as you want to.

– They always look gorgeous and sexy.

Whatever the reason is why you want to invest on a sex doll, what matters the most is that you have the money to buy one. Reality is sex dolls don’t come cheap. Though there are a lot of sex dolls that you can choose from, their costs is higher than other sex toys. But what makes these dolls expensive anyways?

Why Sex Dolls are Expensive?

If you will try to search for the best sex dolls in Doll Wives, you will notice that the cost is a bit high. Sex dolls are really pricey and the cost gets higher if you will go for a better one. There are different factors that could affect the cost of the sex dolls such as the material used, height, weight, and other features. Sex dolls made of silicone is more expensive because of its realistic appearance. Yet, you will never regret investing your money on such doll because you will surely feel aroused just by looking at the doll.

When looking for sex dolls in Doll Wives, it is best that you set a budget that you can spend on a doll. You have to identify your preferences to be able to narrow down your options. It can also be a good idea if you will watch out for discounted dolls so you can grab them at a lower cost. Make sure to buy a quality sex doll that you can use for a long time and never forget to clean up the doll after using if you want it to look new and fresh all the time.


Different sex toys are widely available in the market these days. In fact, you can have it anytime without even going out of the house. You can simply order from a legit store online and they can deliver it to you discretely. However, with the options you have, choosing which one to buy can be a challenge. Each sex toy can be used differently and the kind of pleasure that you can get is not the same. This is the reason why you have to familiarize yourself first with different sex toys so you can have an idea which one you need the most.

Which One to Choose Between Fleshlights and Sex Dolls?

When looking for sex toys, for sure you will bump into fleshlights and sex dolls. These two are use in a different way and the cost also differs. When it comes to popularity, fleshlights will surely be on the list. This can be an ideal choice if you are only after the orgasm and with no play. If you don’t need a partner and you are already tired of masturbating, then using a fleshlight will make it easier for you to reach the peak of orgasm. It is a replica of a vagina that provides a realistic feel. When buying one, you have to consider the size of your penis, orifice, appearance, and your fantasies. And because they are handy, you can bring it with you and use it whenever you want.

For those people who want to experience a more realistic sex, then having a sex doll is your best choice. You can decide for the looks as well as other features you want such as the ass and tits. These days, more and more men use sex dolls because of the satisfaction they get. It allows them to explore and have the opportunity to try different positions. This is also perfect for men who can withstand long hours in making love. It is easy to reach orgasm if you are making love with a realistic toy. When buying a sex doll, you have to know the material used because it requires a particular lubricant that will not affect its quality. It is also important that you clean the doll every after use.

After knowing these information about sex doll and fleshlight, for sure, you would go for sex dolls. Sex dolls will not only satisfy you in bed but you can also consider them as a company if you are alone at home. Sex is also exciting if you can do different positions. So, if you have the money, they better invest on having a sex doll.


With the Covid pandemic still very much with us, one can easily get lonely. Some families are separated, and many single people are afraid to go out to find companionship at clubs, bars or their other regular haunts. Even some regular sex partners are staying away from each other, either because of lockdowns or out of fear of exposure. That means we have a lot of lonely people in our modern, Covid world.

Needless to say, it’s possible to satisfy yourself sexually – but that doesn’t help provide the companionship and human touch almost all of us crave.

There’s a terrific solution: sex dolls. We’re not talking about the cheap rubber things with holes, that might look like girls if you close one eye and squint with the other – and certainly don’t feel like girls no matter how good your imagination might be.

What we’re referring to are high-quality sex dolls, designed to look and feel almost exactly like the real thing. You won’t find these high-end dolls in tiny magazine ads, or in your local sex shop (if you even have one near you anymore, now that so much is sold online instead).

The best sources for high-quality sex dolls are on the Internet, and not on Amazon, either. Dedicated sex doll manufacturers, like Doll Wives, use the finest material and the services of expert designers to craft dolls that are so attractive and sexy you’d have a hard time keeping them in your house and apartment without keeping them in bed 24/7.

What should you look for in a top-quality sex doll?

  • The material will matter a lot. After every use, a high-end doll will still be in perfect condition (as long as you maintain her properly), and will last for many years. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone are the materials which will provide you with the best sex doll experience.
  • Look for a company that has many different designs of sex dolls. High-quality providers will have dozens of different types of dolls, who look like any type of girl you may have fantasized about. From black and Asian women to college coeds, from businesswomen to MILFs, from athletes to sex stars, high-quality dolls will have exactly the look you desire.
  • The best sex dolls will have a bendable skeleton, allowing them to “perform” in bed exactly the way a woman would. Some even have heated genital areas, making the experience even more realistic.

A sex doll can help alleviate some of the loneliness brought on by the pandemic. A high-quality sex doll will make you so happy you may find her to be your preferred sex partner, even after Covid is long gone.


Pornography is not new and has now been most popular due to the expansion of the Internet. Everyone has access to viewing it and took some pleasure from it. Internet pornography, it’s affordable, convenient, and gives you access anonymously.

Does Porn Coexist in a Relationship?

Accessing porn isn’t necessarily bad for relationships but that greatly depends on how your partner feels about it. But the question is, can porn and relationships coexist? It has been reported that pornography has negative impacts on a relationship.

  • There would be a difficulty of being sexually aroused without accessing porn
  • High chance of losing interest and engaging in sexual activities with the partner
  • Some people view pornography as betrayal and infidelity to a relationship
  • Partners will feel threatened and sexually inadequate as
  • There would be a decrease in sexual satisfaction and closeness with the partner
  • Trust decreases in the relationship due to the feeling of deception and dishonesty

Positive Side of Pornography in a Relationship

Though there are negative effects of coexisting porn and relationships, there are also positive sides to it. Watching pornography provides you open-mindedness about sex and would allow your imagination to run free. With that being said, there will be new things you could try with your partner, making your intimate moments more enjoyable.

Aside from allowing your imagination to work, another positive effect of porn is the increase in sexual satisfaction. These somehow make people good. Viewing pornography has become beneficial to their sex lives, attitudes toward sex, perception about sex, and life in general.

Masturbation will not be out of the picture when talking about porn. Viewing porn encourages a person to masturbate which is said to be healthy. Yes, as studies show, masturbation has a lot of benefits. It could help in reducing the risk for women to get UTIs and also reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men. In that way, you’ll be healthy to continue with your happy relationship.

There might be a way to know what will help you feel aroused which could help you when needed. It comes like an educative way to learn your desires, what makes you feel delighted. This calls for expanding horizons in learning what could make you and your partner’s sexual life happy.

Porn will not be an issue in an open relationship. As long as you discuss this with your partner, it will not be a reason for insecurity and relationship to fall. You need to make sure as well that your partner is getting the right amount of time and attention throughout your relationship.


When it comes to relieving yourself from any forms of stress, anxieties, and other mental and emotional impurities, through what activity do you usually resort to? Fore sure, one answer you will give is doing anything that gives you sexual satisfaction. There’s nothing wrong about it – in fact, sex is actually proven to be a highly effective way of stress relief.

But in case you are alone or do not have any partner at the moment, then you better not worry. That’s where the role of sex toys come in play, particularly the sex dolls. Having a sex doll right beside you to have fun with is actually the closest thing you would get to having sex with an actual human female. No wonder that sex dolls are highly preferred by most adult males nowadays.

But believe it or not, did you know that sex dolls can be actually used in sexual therapy? Yes, sex dolls can be used for therapeutic purposes, and serve as sexual surrogates to adult males. How do they do this? Read on for you to find out.

The Therapeutic Benefits of a Sex Doll

Sex dolls are one of the most popular sex toys out in the market right now. When it comes to physical aspect, they bear a striking resemblance to a human female – from the face, body, down to the smallest details, and of course, the specific parts used during any sexual act.

But nowadays, sex dolls are more than just sources of sexual fun and satisfaction. There are quite a number  of therapeutic experts who agree that using a sex doll can give quite a number of benefits for an adult male on the therapeutic aspect.

Some adult males resort to using sex toys and watching adult movies as a form of comforting themselves and helping them forget their problems, rather than just spend time satisfying their sexual appetite. That’s why sex dolls are being used as tool for therapy for males who had gone through any traumatic experience, or to at least to fix or straighten out any irregularities in their behavior.


Sex dolls are indeed the most popular and commonly used sex toy among adult males. They can be a great source of sexual satisfaction, even without having a human partner. Aside from that, they can be great sexual surrogates and perfect tools for sexual therapy to help males.


We all have different preferences. Most of the time though, people who have the same upbringing have almost similar preferences as well. Like for example the Americans, they are known to prefer women with big butts. Maybe not all, but no one can deny that most of them favor girls who have big butts.

Why do you think Americans (both genders) prefer big butts?

  • Big butts are actually not a risk to anybody’s health as the fats in that area cannot contribute to any health issues.
  • It makes a woman look more attractive, no matter what she wears. Of course, the butts should not be too oversized as that is already a different story. We are just talking about butts that are a little bit bigger than the usual.
  • They know that if they have bigger butts, more men will get attracted to them. That means, they can be on the superior side. After all, the one who likes more is in a more vulnerable position.
  • If you have bigger butts, you will feel superior like you look good, especially from behind. Every time you climb the stairs, you will feel like a boss!
  • Those who have extra fats can actually endure hunger more than those who don’t have and the fats in the butts are just like extra meals. So, if you have big butts, you can last longer than if you don’t have or if you are more skinny.
  • Big butts can protect the lower back of the body, when sitting in a prolonged time. If you are an office girl, chances are you will be sitting for quite some time every day and this can cause stress in your lower back. But if you have bigger butts, you should feel the toll less.
  • And lastly, you will easily get the attention of most men in your workplace or in your frequent areas. Most men after all, love women who have sizable butts. They love touching them or caressing them for that matter. For them, women who have bigger butts are more attractive.

So, do you have smaller butts? Do you know that there are ways for you to increase your butts, aside from having a surgery? You can check out online for some tips as for sure, you will easily find one. Today, women with bigger butts are more favored.


Sex dolls have been here for quite some time now. That is right, though they are not as enjoyable then. They are just the simple sex doll, still even with simple features, they are already making a name, especially among men who are far from their partners.

Now, there are more added features in sex dolls and the modern sex dolls can be told as something extra special. They are obviously well thought of so that they can almost mimic a real person, whether the doll is a female or a male.

Some of the most incredible features of the modern sex dolls are their capability to react when triggered like they can moan, they can make the user feel more pleasure, and they can even converse for that matter! Yes, they can now become an enjoyable companion in bed, and this is why more and more people are enticed to get one of their own.

But do you know that there are some existing weird facts about sex dolls? If you want to know about them, feel free to scroll down:

  • According to the stats, there is a certain man who actually considered a sex doll as his wife. Well, of course they are not legally married, but he is not married to anybody else and is just contented being with a sex doll.
  • If you will visit Japan, you might hear them addressing sex dolls as Dutch Wives. This is because a few of the sex dolls are actually first invented by sailor from this country to help them through their loneliness.
  • For sure you have heard about the very popular doll Barbie. It is said that this particular doll is actually inspired from a sex doll in Germany. Well the sex doll has no holes or whatsoever, but it is known to be quite erotic.
  • Do you know that sex dolls actually weigh a lot? Yes, they can weigh up to 115 pounds! This is due to the material that is used to create them. This can also be one of the many reasons why these items cost a lot.

If you can afford one, it is best if you go for the modernized sex dolls as they are more enjoyable. They have features you will surely love. But of course, you also need to make sure your doll will be from a legit provider.