Monday, October 27, 2008

Is It Cold In Here Or Am I Just Happy To See You?

brain drippings from Burbanmom...

Brrrrrrrrr! The weather has finally turned fall-ish here in Virginia and the temperatures are dropping as fast as the leaves. This week I went through the house and prepared for winter by readjusting my vents, changing the furnace filter and locating my draft dodgers.

What? You don't know about draft dodgers? They're those long, snake-like pillows that old folks and environmental types plop in front of their doors to keep the cold air from blowing in under the bottom plate.

They're super-easy to make and cheap too. Cheap and easy? Hmmmm, sounds like someone I am.

If you don't already have a dodger, I did a basic tutorial last year that will help you whip one up. And I think that between the chilly forecast and the fact that I did not yet have a post written, now would be the perfect time to share it!

Crafty Erin's Homemade Draft Dodger

1. Go to fabric store and purchase a quarter yard of whatever obnoxious fabric you like. I opted for something fuzzy, since scientific studies have shown that fuzzy = warm and warm stops cold. Also, rock beats scissors.

2. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and inside out, so it looks like a long snake with his skin on the inside.

3. Stitch up one of the short ends and the long side.

4. Carry it over to your door and figure out how much to cut off the end to make it the right length, because God forbid you actually measure your door. Leave it a little long, though, cuz you're bound to screw something up before it's over.

5. Turn your snake rightside out and fill it with beans or rice or whatever makes you happy - but doesn't attract rats. Because this snake will not eat rats. I opted for Great Northern Beans because they're from the north and, ipso facto, are used to the cold. Also? They're great. Says so right on the package.

6. Sew up the open end.

7. Toss in front of drafty door. Reposition as necessary. Don't let the kids beat each other with it - unless they can do it quietly and the loser will be willing to lay down in front of the door to stop future drafts.

8. If you want the dodger to remain attached to the door when you leave, simply add a strip of sticky-backed velcro to both the door and the dodger. Also makes a good place to stick those kids during time-outs.

Easy-peasy, beans and fleece-y!


JessTrev said...

Wow, your dodgers sure are cute! Mine have some type of pine needles in them and smell great, too. Tx for the tutorial - now that I am learning how to sew there's a whole world of opportunity, eh?

organicneedle said...

"Leave it long because you are bound to screw something up before it's over."

I want that on a t-shirt.

Green Resolutions said...

I'm glad you included step 7. I was just thinking, "There is no way this thing will stay in front of my door," when I got to step 7 :)

Another use: My mom makes these with rice, and we warm them up in the microwave and use them to warm the foot of the bed or to relieve tense, stressed shoulders.

I've requested one for my 2-yr-old so he will leave mine alone!

Green Me said...

Thanks for this "how to". Its one of those things I could have, should have figured out myself, but instead decided was too complicated and needed to be bought. Thanks for setting me straight and giving me an idea not just to make for myself, but for Christmas. I'm sure my parents need a few of these for their ancient house!

Kellie said...

Cracking up here! I just bought a roll of fabric at Goodwill because, well because it was $3 and I liked it. And now I know what to do with it. Thanks! :)

Kellie said...

Oooo, and these (as well as the "tension relievers" mentioned by Green Resolutions) would make nice homemade holiday gifts. Gosh you ladies really ARE superheroes!

Anonymous said...

Works great as long as you don't have frisky kitty cats to rip it to shreds!

(We need to figure out something that the cats won't destroy.)


Burbanmom said...

Jess: Pine needles? really? that's a great idea! Will have to try making one like that.

Orgie: Dude, that's my sewing mantra!

Green Res: Yes, my kids are notorious for taking "my" stuff and finding new uses for it. Actually, that's probably a good skill to have though, eh? and your other use? I like it! Maybe I'll put one in the fridge for after the kids beat each other ;-)

Green Me: It's so easy! If you get stuck, email me and I'd be happy to help you out!

Kellie: Pure kismet.

FPF: Bad kitty! yes, your house definitely has draft dodger fail. Maybe next time I shouldn't use the catnip-infused fabric... ;-)

kathirynne said...

You can also use the fabric from an old pair of jeans, and fill the tube with dryer lint.

Tracey Smith said...

This is ace and great for spare fabric. It's also a brilliant thing to do with the kids and it works well at keeping the heat in.....long as your dog doesn't have fabric munching tendancies!!!

Mind you, it could always be weighted down with pebbles...that'd hurt if you dropped it on yer paw...



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