Monday, December 1, 2008

Lemonade in December

The Green Phone Booth was given for the Lemonade Award by Passionate Green this past weekend. The Lemonade Award is passed from blogger to blogger to celebrate web sites that demonstrate a positive attitude and/or gratitude. Thank you!

As a recipient, we at the Booth are supposed to nominate up to ten blogs that demonstrate such an attitude. Being a contrary group of gals, though, we've pared that list down to two. We hereby bestow the Lemonade Award on:

tallgrassworship for the best attitude


Crabby Dad for the worst. ;-)

Take a refreshing sip and hop over to read all about gratitude at tallgrassworship and, if you are game, all about swear words at Crabby Dad.


crabbydad said...

Wow, I'm speechless. Worst attitude, huh? And my mom said my attitude would never get me anywhere. HA! I feel like Bobby Brady who finally won a trophy after countless failed attempts at selling magazines and eating ice cream... even though the trophy he finally gets is some lame made-up one from his family. This is exactly like that... but better! Thank you, and I promise that my crabittude will only continue to worsen. Toodles!

Joyce said...

Very nice! Thank you! Now if only my computer will let me open Passionate Green's site...


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