Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lightening My Load (Freecycle Rampage)

Musings from JessTrev on getting rid of the junk that ails me.

So, I've been offline quite a bit in the past few weeks and scurrying around my house. I've been boasting that it's like the metaphorical clutter equivalent of dropping about ten pants sizes. And I've got to say, I've never felt better! Most of you probably are addicts just like me, but if not, check out Freecycle to see if there's a way to pass on stuff you don't need to someone who'd be delighted to use it.

What have we gotten rid of in the last month? Lots and lots of stuffed animals. They breed in my children's rooms late at night. Lots and lots of cars and trucks (including the noisy flashing one my evil older brother passed down to me last year!). My late grandfather's garment bag which we've never used. A floor-length wool jacket and a thrift store leather jacket. A couple wooden rice boxes that I thought were beautiful. All of the packing supplies that our Christmas gifts came in. Chargers for a seltzer maker I used to have that broke. Baby nail clippers. The cover to our old carseat (which expired because it's closing on six years old - couldn't find any way to recycle--anyone know any better?).

We also trekked over to Best Buy and handed off old electronic appliances to be recycled. Got 'em out of the attic!

Lest you think I'm completely altruistic, I also sold some baby stuff for cold, hard cash on craigslist. I gave up on using the Kelty pack or the Stokke chair with the two year old who thinks he's ten.

Moooore space! What can we do in it? Love our little house. Keep the place neater with less effort. Have more time to do the stuff I love. Like add a second worm bin to our laundry room cause I had a whole nother shelf free. Woo hoo! I am so excited about the prospect of a year filled with less (cluttery) stuff!

P.S. Apparently, one of the things I want to do in this new year is teleport to someplace with better bulk stores. I dreamed last night that a Whole Foods competitor came to town and woke up as I was lovingly filling a glass jar with shampoo!


greeen sheeep said...

I was just thinking it is about time for me to do another Clearinghouse post.

Yes, my name is greeen sheeep and I am a purge-aholic.

I love the feeling of a fresh purge! The possibilities, freeness, cleansing, serenity. Ahhh....

Doesn't it feel great? Even better that you were able to pass on your cast offs to someone who would value them. It's a win-win.

A word of caution: purging is addictive. You don't dare leave something lay in one spot too long around this house. It may end up on the FREE table!

Green Resolutions said...

Ah, an inspiring post! I spent the day going through the junk mail pile and calling all those companies to be removed from their lists. I can see my countertops again. Why I can't call as soon as the mail comes in, I don't know. You've made me want to tackle the basement and the garage next. I hardly know where to start!

Green Bean said...

Ahhh, I got such a rush just reading your post! I too have been freecycling like mad. Actually, I am a perpetual freecycler and declutterer. Excuse me. I need to go clean out the closet.

JessTrev said...

greeen sheep - sounds like I might be able to learn a few things from you. SO agree about the feeling of a fresh purge. It *is* addictive! Total serenity. It's kind of fascinating how liberating it is.

Green Resolutions - ah, the catalogs. I exchanged a gift I got at Williams Sonoma today and the woman was most amused at how adamant I was about not getting on their mailing list! Easier to stay off to begin with. Those catalog mailing list removal services are ok for getting off the bulk of them but then it definitely takes persistence. For awhile I had a form letter I sent to the address on the catalog rather than calling (less time consuming) - you might want to try that if you're done with the calls.

Green Bean - stop, you're making me jealous. I may need to live vicariously through your (immaculate) closet space.

meagan @ sageparenting said...

Try babyearth to recycle your car seat for the cost of shipping it to them. I wrote about them here:

JessTrev said...

Meagan - thanks! I will give Baby Earth a try! Excellent tip.

Daphne said...

I love freecycle. I just freecycled 50 years of National Geographics. I made a teacher very happy. When I cleaned out my kitchen however, I sent an email to all my friends. They got the first pick. I had some really nice stuff I no longer needed. Anything I hadn't used in 5 years was up for grabs. Then one of them took the leftovers to a charity that sells that kind of thing. Next I want to clean out my garage. I KNOW I have so much to get rid of.


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