Sunday, February 1, 2009

Black Bean Burgers

JessTrev, recipe-sharin' in the spirit of eating less meat and generally eating better-tasting grub.

Black Bean Cakes (adapted from the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook, 1995 edition)

2 15-oz cans black beans, rinsed (I made mine from dried - soaked overnight with a little lime in the water, then new water to a boil, skimmed off foam, added a few crushed garlic cloves and simmered for 3-4 hours until soft -- I used 4 cups)

1/4 cup chopped cilantro
1/4 cup chopped red onions (which sounds nice but I skipped for the kids)
1 egg white, slightly beaten (I threw in the whole egg, beaten well)
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp ground allspice
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (sounds nice, skipped for the kids)
1/3 cup dry whole-wheat bread crumbs
1 tablespoon olive oil (I used more like 3-4)
cooking spray (I used olive oil in a pump bottle)

cilantro/lime wedges for garnish (optional - we went for ketchup)

Place beans in large bowl (drained, no matter which way you cook em) and coarsely mash them until they stick together (I used a potato masher). Add cilantro, onion, egg, cumin, garlic, and spices. Mix until well blended. Divide the mixture into 8 equal patties (I made 7). Shape into 1/2 inch thick patties (mine were thicker). Coat patties with bread crumbs. (Well, imagine that! I mixed the bread crumbs into the bean paste. Hmmm. That does sound crunchy and good). Spray both sides of patties with oil/nonstick cooking spray. Heat oil in skillet over med high heat. Add bean cakes and fry until golden brown on both sides, turning once, about 8 mins total.


Now - anyone got a black bean burger you can bake in the oven??

Also, has anyone perfected freezing bean burgers to have a healthy backup meal around? Tips?


EcoLabel Fundraising said...

Looks good...I've give it a try! Thanks.

AnnMarie said...

I"ve frozen my bean burgers just fine. Don't cook them first. And freeze them on a tray first so they don't stick together. My problem is remembering to eat them later on!

Kellie said...

Mmmmmm sounds delicious!

debra said...

thanks for the recipe.. i'm going to try them out on the kids tomorrow night

Green Bean said...

Funny. I've been a vegetarian all my life and only made bean burgers once. Maybe I should give them a try again.

JessTrev said...

Thanks for the freezing tip, AnnMarie!

EcoLabel FR, Kellie, debra, and Green Bean - they're good as leftovers, too!

Burbanmom said...

Wow. What are the odds? I rarely try out new vegetarian dishes, but just made some black bean patties the other night! They were awesome! Only difference was mine had crushed up tortilla chips in them and no coating. They were nice and crisp on the outside, yummolicious on the inside!

Mother Earth aka Karen Hanrahan said...

jess you write recipes like i do with narration! could the mixing of these be done in a blender? I am reminded of a time i ate this w/ a red pepper aoili -- oh my!!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

My husband is not a vegetarian and I am, so to please us both we eat a lot of bean burgers. It makes him feel like he's eating meat, but I don't have to buy hamburger. Win Win!

I've found that almost all bean burger recipes can be baked even if the recipe says to fry them. Doesn't taste exactly the same, but good enough.

Whenever I make bean burgers, I double the amount so I can freeze half and have a nice supply on hand for quick dinners and lunches. Unlike AnnMarie, I do cook mine first. I put them on a plate, cover it with foil, and put the whole think in the freezer. When the burgers are frozen, I slide them off the plate into a plastic bag and put back in the freezer. That keeps them from sticking together while freezing. (And I reuse all foil and baggies.)

I saw a tip once for freezing burgers that I haven't done but sounded smart. Put them on yogurt container lids and stack inside another container in the freezer. That will keep the burgers from sticking together and make it easy to get individual servings.

JessTrev said...

Burbs - hey! great to hear your voice! tortilla chips for crunch sound delicious! kinda like potato chips in your tuna sammy...

Karen - I am sure you could blender these, and I *definitely* think red pepper aoli would be a great addition. mmmmm. and yes, I always "doctor" recipes as we say in my family!

Erin/CS - thanks for the freezing advice and you just reminded me - yogurt container lids? I just saw this episode of Rachael Ray where she sliced a zillion cherry tomatoes in half at one time by pressing them between 2 yogurt container lids. We all need to hang onto those helpful little critters!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Ooh, this was just the kind of bean-based recipe I was looking for!

Jenni at My Web of Life said...

Mmmm...this sounds good! My husband is squeamish about anything replacing traditional beef (he can't cope with turkey burgers either). But he's out of town on business so I'm making these for me and the kids tonight! Thanks for the idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

I've been having some success making baked (not fried) crab balls of late...

I make them quasi-according to the recipe, and then I dunk them in an egg white / melted butter mix then roll them around in panko crusts.

I bake them at a fairly high temp until crispy golden brown and delicious (425ish) to simulate deep frying. Not quite as greasy, but still yummy.

Kathryn Grace said...

Looks scrumptious. I'm going to slow-cook some dried beans now so I can try this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.


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