Sunday, May 17, 2009

Superhero Secrets

JessTrev's Sunday linklovin.
"What I am that the more I am able to slow down, to open my eyes to what is around me, the more in awe I am of life and nature and beauty.... I am moved by the new mother I hear trying to console her crying baby down the street; the sight of people going to work each morning—to jobs they hate or jobs they love—in order to support their family; the hope and faith that lies in the small brave act of planting a garden. It is all beautiful to me.

...My life may have me tied to the computer for the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find wonder in my own driveway, on my street, in three blocks I’ve walked a thousand times before. I'd like to think that the familiar and worn paths of our lives could become beautiful to us again. As Marcel Proust once wrote, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”


Truffula Mama said...

I especially appreciated the Slate link - I've wondered about some of the same things! Good to see the calculations and outcomes.

Lynn from said...

Jess, what a great round-up! Thanks!

Rosa said...

Ha, my experience is exactly like the Slate writer's. Cheese is way too finicky & milk is too expensive to be making it all the time; but yogurt & bagels are really easy. I made both today.

I'd add that buying plain cream cheese & adding flavoring is *way* cheaper than buying it flavored, though - we have smoked trout or salmon cream cheese all the time, or veggie cream cheese, and 8 oz. all-organic/sustainable is the same price as 2 ounces in a little plastic tub.

Green Bean said...

Fantastic round up!! I love these because it takes me to blogs I've not visited before.

Love the list from the Global Green Girls and, like the other commenters, the Slate link. I've never tried bagels but I'm so doing it now!

JessTrev said...

I'm with you all - loved the Slate piece. Some things I make from scratch just out of love or nostalgia, but I loved seeing the taste/dollar comparisons.

Rosa, thanks for the tip on the cream cheese - great idea.


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