Monday, July 27, 2009

When a man loves a woman.

Bleatings from EnviRambo.

Friday I received a surprise package in the mail. Well, it was supposed to be a surprise, but being that my husband and I are soul-mates and think alike, I kind of spoiled the fun. Thursday in my email of daily adventures, I mentioned that I had ordered some stainless steel straws. You see, being all "eco" that I am, I often do crazy things in public like ask for no straw. Well, Monday was one of those days where I was straw-less, trying to drink a smoothie from my klean kanteen. I ended up with smoothie on my shirt and a pink mustache to match. I have known about the plastic-free options available for some time now (mostly due to Beth's raving about Glass Dharma), but it was not until that moment that I felt like a 8 year old drinking strawberry milk, that I decided to add a reusable straw to my eco-toolbox.

I went straight to Glass Dharma and balked at the price. Holy cow! Those are way cool and I r-e-a-l-l-y want them, but man... I did not think hubby would appreciate me spending $40.00 on glass straws, so I looked for a more economic option. I found a set of four stainless steel straws on Amazon for $9.00. Deal!! Click, ordered. So I mentioned my order in my daily email to him. He replied saying cancel that order, you may have glass ones on the way! That is right... hubby bought me the glass set from Glass Dharma!! In the smoothie size no less. Great minds think alike, I tell ya!

They arrived really fast. He placed the order on Tuesday and by Friday they had made the trip from California to my mailbox in Wisconsin. Which was great, because one day of anticipation was about all I could handle. There was no plastic packing in the box. In fact, there was no packing at all, just individual cardboard boxes for each straw. See, you can ship things without loads of peanuts, air bags, or other crap. Even glass!

Aren't they beautiful? The dots are a nice decorative touch, but also serve a functional purpose - they keep your straw from rolling when placed on a flat surface. This set of four includes the cleaning brush. The smoothie size is large enough to easily rinse out. They are a lot fatter than I expected, maybe due to the smoothie size. They also have some heft. Their thickness assures me that I can confidently carry them in my toolbox purse without worrying about breakage.

This set is 8 inches long. I have the 18 oz. klean kanteen. My straw barely clears the top. If your water bottle is any larger I suggest you order the extra long size. You have many options to choose from. They come in different lengths according to the sipping size you order: Sipper 7 mm x 6.25 inches, Ice Tea 9.5 mm x 8 inches, Smoothie 12 mm x 8 inches, Bubble Tea 14 mm x 9 inches. You can order with or without the dots. There are even straws with bends available.

I have been using them incessantly since I tore into the package. I love them! Yesterday I got to test out the smoothie-ness with an organic strawberry smoothie at the Kickapoo Country Fair. Works great! I highly recommend getting yourself some. If you are shy about your eco-ness than you will not want to use these in public. They are a definite conversation starter! If you are out there to spread the good green word, then you need one of these in your toolbox. People ask. They are a great way to break the ice and offer a little education without force feeding unsuspecting strangers sustainability.

On a side note... since I am an Amazon Prime member, my stainless steel straws had already shipped before I could cancel the order. I wonder what hubby will say about that? Ahhh... he loves me.


Crunchy Chicken said...

Makes me wish I used straws!

The Mom said...

You are a lucky woman. I have a hubby like that, and its a wonderful thing. Enjoy your straws!

Daisy said...

You can carry the stainless set in your purse, use the glass ones at home. No problem.

Green Bean said...

Ditto what the Mom said! Those are some purty straws!

Lisa Sharp said...

I have two in my purse at all times! I have one of the felt cozies they sell. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

The company is also wonderful. I have become friends with some of the staff. They are such kind people who are living eco-friendly lives as well.

I think I can speak for Beth in saying that she really likes the company as well.

Condo Blues said...

Pretty! Too bad I don't use straws.

Pure Mothers said...

Great husband! We have some too. I've only brought them out once though. I use them at home for smoothies. I'll show my green-ness by bringing them out more!


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