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Greener Traditions

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It starts out small. A canvas bag or a CFL light bulb. A carpool or a vegetable garden. But then it grows and you find that you cannot help but live in accordance with your conscience - year round. For many of us, that has meant changing the way we celebrate the holidays. Finding simpler, more meaningful ways to embrace them. Today, the Green Moms of Green Moms Carnival share the greener traditions they've adopted along their green journey.

Different Decor

Greener traditions, for some, start with what goes up around the house to ring in the season. The Mindful Momma thinks twice when it comes to holiday decor. She hopes the thoughtful decorations she chooses will provide her children with memories of happy holidays for years to come.

Diane, of Big Green Purse fame, lauds the warm and eco-friendly glow of LED lights and beeswax candles. She spells out just why these alternatives are better for the planet and where to find them.

Our Citizen Green, Linda, embraced a new tradition this year - wrapping gifts in reusable bags. Check out her nifty tutorial here and get sewing.

Greener Gifts

For some green moms, greener traditions center around what goes under the tree. At Nature Moms Blog, Tiffany shares her favorite green gift - the gift that gives all year round! And it ain't jelly of the month.

At EcoVillage Musings, Alline proposes gifts from the heart for every person on your list. These won't break the bank or the planet - but they will let your loved one know how much you love them.

Karen at Best of Mother Earth suggests a tradition that starts others on their own green journey - by giving the gift of green cleaners. She's even got a catchy little poem that would inspire the chemical scrooges of the world to fill stockings with eco-friendly cleaners.

Here at The Green Phone Booth, I also waxed poetic (literally) about one of my family's greener traditions - handmade gifts in "I Give a Knit."

At Fake Plastic Fish, Beth delves into the true impact of the holidays - the stuff we accumulate. She explores how to manage living the green dream with your children's holiday expectations in her post Holiday Buying: More Pressure Than 40 Years Ago.

Thinking along the same lines, EcoBabySteps reviews the power of marketing and shares tips for teaching our kids media literacy skills - so they won't be turned into the consumers of tomorrow.

Making Memories

For some, going green has been the impetus to shift the focus from material to memories. Organic Mania's Lynn shares her greener tradition - it involves slowing down, reconnecting with family, reading and chocolate! I'm hooked.

Greener traditions don't result in a blue Christmas over at Condo Blues. Lisa recounts her traditions from her favorite holiday parties. Most of them are unintentionally eco and all of them are intentionally fun.

The holidays are green all over at Strocel - where new, eco-friendly traditions abound. Amber and family are reusing, going handmade, cutting back but gaining so much more.

Over at Retro Housewife Goes Green, Lisa shares some of her favorite greener traditions - ones based on memories rather than material. She points out that traditions can be formed at any time in a families history and don't even need to be "normal" holiday activities. Guess how her family is celebrating? :)

Now how are you celebrating? Have your green journeys likewise inspired greener traditions?

The next Green Moms Carnival will be hosted at Big Green Purse on Monday, December 14th where green moms sound off on Climate Change and the importance of Copenhagen.


Linda A said...

Thanks for hosting Green Moms Carnival this month. You did a great job. I can't connect to Nature Mom's blog. Is it me or is there a problem?

Green Bean said...

Thanks Linda. It shows up when I click through? Anyone else??

Anonymous said...

Nature Mom's blog link worked for me, as did all your links. Thanks for hosting, Green Bean!

Condo Blues said...

Thanks for hosting this month's carnival. I'd like to clarify that the things we do at my friend's Christmas party ARE INTENTIONALLY ECO as well as festive, fun, and low key because that's who my friends are. Low key people that have strong convictions, were green when it was just a color (like myself), and present their party as a fun alternative to overblown holiday hoopla without being preachy about it.

Diane MacEachern said...

Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful carnival. I wish we could all have a green potluck cooking knitting ornament-making get-together! Happy holidays!!

Mindful Momma said...

Thanks for hosting - so many great ideas!! Just wish I had more time...

Lynn from said...

Thanks for hosting! I can't wait to dig in, but I've been trying to take a tiny cyber break to focus on my greener holiday traditions! Today was visiting Santa and singing Christmas carols. ho, ho, ho. Gotta start baking cookies soon! :)

mother earth aka karen hanrahan said...

Awesome hostessing!! I love this collection of ideas and green holiday spirit. Wonderful!!


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