Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post-Christmas Superhero Secrets

Sunday link love from The Conscious Shopper

The presents have barely been unwrapped, the smell of turkey lingers in the air, the house is still swimming in Christmas decorations, and I'm already planning for next year's holidays...

Please don't misunderstand - I'm not already starting my Christmas shopping two days after Christmas. I'm not already making lists and plans of what we'll get and make and where we'll go and who we'll see. I'm an organized person, but I'm not crazy.

But after the holidays have died down, I do like to daydream a bit about what I'll do differently next year and what gifts I'd like to give and receive.

If you're also that type of person, here are some links for you:
  • We're still working our way through a giant wrap of rolling paper that my sister left at our house four years ago (it might have been five...), but when that runs out, I am absolutely switching to cloth gift wrap and tying it Japanese style. Besides being ultra cool, furoshiki is amazingly beautiful.
  • In my quest to green up my wardrobe without going broke, I've relied a lot on thrift stores. But in my experience, good shoes are hard to find at a thrift store, so I've been looking more and more at the second best option: buy quality shoes that last forever. These shoes from the Aurora Shoe Company are handmade in New York the old-fashioned way, and they have pictures on their site of 15-year-old shoes. Just what I need!
  • Stubby Pencil Studio sells eco products for creative kids. My boys are budding artists, and we go through art supplies like food. Every birthday and holiday, I beg relatives just to buy them art supplies. And I'm really diggin' these Smencils.
  • Taking a road trip? Don't leave your values behind! With Eat Well Guide's Trip Planner, you can "find local, sustainable, and organic food wherever you go."
  • Need to clear out some space for this year's Christmas stash? Earth911 has a new app that helps you find recycling locations anywhere in the U.S. Just type in what you need recycled, and it will tell you where to take it.
And finally, here's a little shameless self-promotion. Over at The Conscious Shopper, I'm going to be starting a year long challenge to go green without going broke. I hope you'll check it out!


Condo Blues said...

I bought a Stocking stuffer yesterday while I was out and about. It was 50% off and perfect for one of my little guys. I guess that makes me crazy :) But hey, being on the lookout for meaningful gifts year round is how I'm able to give or make each person on my list a meaningful gift.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

@condo blues - Theres a fine line between crazy and genius, right? Anyway, I must be crazy because reading back over this post I noticed that I'd written a "wrap of rolling paper." I swear I'm not using rolling paper to wrap presents or that my presents are suitable for wrapping in rolling paper!

Alyssa said...

I love my Aurora Shoes!


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