Saturday, March 13, 2010

Making your match

Going Green Mama sees herself as a NPSLE and a Green-Frugal this week.

The other day a colleague sent me a marketing article on targeting the green moms, which it claimed was "an emerging market." In it, the author rightly states that not all green parents are created alike.

Wrote the author:

Many of the green mom bloggers who are on the more radical or fully
committed end of the spectrum are perhaps not the nutty margin you’d
assume. ... through their blog post writing, these moms have been sharing
higher expectations and actively challenging their readers toward significantly
uncomfortable levels of green scrutiny and commitment. No slackers need

While it doesn't take a lot of research to realize there's a spectrum of "greenness" - from the peeing on your plants variety to the casually concerned - the researchers came up with five types of green mommies.

Super Greens - deemed the most radical in their views and furthest from the mainstream in their lifestyle choices, filtering most choices through a green lens.

Eco-Moderates - who offer a somewhat compromising attitude. They are very concerned about the environment and the realities of juggling career, family, home, etc.

Mainstream Greens - naking "baby steps," they're often on the lookout for greener versions of the products they already buy.

Natural-Parenting/Simple-Living Enthusiasts - a mix of Super Greens and Eco-Moderates, NPSLE's are interested in such topics as breastfeeding, cloth diapering, homemade, organic meals and locavore tendencies.

Green and Frugals - who often eschew consumer trends and are on the lookout to save money and the environment.

So, pick a label. Where do you see yourself on this environmental spectrum?


Sense of Home said...

I would have to go with natural parenting/simple-living enthusiasts.

Have been since my children were babies.

Wonder-ful said...

Hmm... looking at the descriptions and trying to find which hole this particular peg (me) goes into.

Green and Frugal--Yes, I eschew consumer trends and want to save money.

Simple living, Yes. Natural parenting (while I may sometimes refer to my situation as parenting)

Moderately Green--Do I take baby steps and look for greener products for the things I already use? Yes. But I'm also elimating the consumption of things I don't need.

Eco-Moderates-- Yes, I hold a compromising attitude. Some days I take grandma's car when I need to run errands. I have to compromise with the two other adults in the house.

Super Greens-- While I do filter choices through a green lense, and I do get grouped with being radical, it's more likely because I'm in an uber-conservative pocket of California, not for having radical ideas or actions. This seems like a title best reserved for Beth or Deanna (of Fake Plastic Fish and Crunchy Chicken, respectively). I'd even go a step further and say there should be another catagory or a sub-catagory of Super Green for those who go forward and sort-of pioneer efforts to educate and bring change to others lifestyle. They are the ones who take a first step with an idea and say I'm going to do it and I'll show you how.

I guess I'm eco-moderate, working on super green.

Honey said...

We've been vegan, organic, anti-plastic, breastfeeding, cloth diaper, blah, blah, blah for over 10 years & before that is vegetarian, organic & antiplastic. :) Kids brought some additions. We grow our own food, can for the winter, compost, RRR, plan errands, save money... oh & we're Montessori/ Waldorf/ unschoolers. I won't put the kids into a public school that sprays chemicals around my children as well as a bunch of other reasons. I make my own cleaning supplies (baking soda, vinegar, castille soap, essential oils), and we reuse towels.

I've another 'title' for you- Trendy Natural. For those who say they've joined the new green bandwagon but keep on with the chemicals, pesticides & like to let the gas run in the car for a few hours. ;) It's not a nice term & we use it for those who are hypocritical.

Change isn't easy but a forward momentium is still moving forward. Don't allow anyone to say you're not green enough. We all started out somewhere. We all started by recycling, bringing our own bags, or deciding to lower the thermostat. Remember...forward is good! ;)


Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish said...

Actually, I'm wondering if there really is a spectrum or if it's more like a wheel. Because some of us may be super green in one category while more moderate in others. For example, I'm pretty extreme when it comes to plastic. But turning down the heat and taking lukewarm showers? Not so much. I'm like my mom that way. Crunchy, on the other hand, seems to love her cold showers but is a little less extreme on the plastic front. We're all just different, I think, and doing the best we can.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I wouldn't have made NPSLE's and Green-Frugal's their own categories. I think they're more subcategories of the other three. I'm eco-moderate with shades of NPSLE and Green-Frugal.

susanna eve said...

Generally I don't like labels at all.

I prefer beth's idea of a spectrum or wheel. I have been green and eco conscious since I had kids back in the 80s. There are areas where choices or changes are easy for me, have been using cloth menstrual pads for 20 years, and others that are like giving up my fridge where I am less willing.

Daisy said...

This is tough to choose. I fit into several categories.

The Raven said...

I personally definitely originated in the Natural Parenting/Simple Living group. My husband had a somewhat different (and longer) path. What really brought our viewpoints together was FOOD issues.

We are pretty extreme by some people's standards--but we have a long way to go and are lucky enough to have friends ahead of us on this journey to help us find a way.

zee said...

Easy -- Mainstream Greens. I'm making "baby steps", definitely on the lookout for greener versions of the products I already buy. In fact, our eco-clothing line for women has the same philosophy behind it -- we simply wanted to provide a better, environmentally friendly alternative for consumers to what is already out in the market. :) said...

I agree with Beth@Fake Plastic Fish...

I think it should be more of a wheel too. I'm not extreme in using plastic (although I do recycle every bit I use), but I am more extreme with turning down the heat, vermicomposting, and recycling.

I think she's right...we all do what we can the best we can.


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