Saturday, July 3, 2010

A somewhat simple Fourth

Wishing you a happy fourth of July from the family of Going Green Mama

It's 11:00 at night as I'm writing this, and my neighborhood is strangely silent. Each night for the last week, we've been treated to the crack of fireworks by families around us.

It's a routine I've yet to get used to, even after living here eight years now. Back in Kansas, you bought your fireworks on the 3rd or the 4th from some tent raising funds for the Lions Club or whatnot, and you, if you were lucky, could shoot them off on one amazingly noisy night.

Each year, we'd enjoy the parade at my in-laws' town, watch fireworks or go to my husband's cousin's property (and hope he wouldn't burn a tree).

And then we moved here.

Without family, our celebrations grew simpler, sometimes marked by silence with my husband working, another year punctuated by a very testy five-day old who was struggling to learn to eat. And in the five years since, it's gotten quieter.

Since becoming parents, we've watched each year silently watching the city fireworks from a distance, our babies exhausted and in bed. Last year, we nearly made it to the celebration, only to turn around a block away after someone got sick.

This year, though, things might be different.

With other family members in tow, we're determined to enjoy the county's celebrations this weekend. Watching bands. Seeing parades. Enjoying what the day is about. Family. And community. And a promise of better days.

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