Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer, it was good to see you

Going Green Mama is off for a hike at the national forest, before we hit that promised 93 degrees.

I know I am never very good at goodbyes, but Summer, it was good to see you.

I won't miss the weeks of unseasonable 90-degree temps, nor the lack of rain. But you gave us a sweet taste of that with light drizzles this morning, so I can forgive.

I will miss the evening farmers markets, soon coming to a close after the weather's resulting in smaller crops for many of the vendors.

I will miss my time in the garden harvesting my wares. I wonder if we're too late for a fall planting - it's nearly September, you know.

I will miss our rare walks and hikes with the family. We plan to sneak one in today. And I regret that we never got to camp to test out our new tent. Thankfully, autumn still beckons.

I will miss the evenings at the community pool, crammed in between dinner and bedtime. I'm always amazed how few people take advantage of this light-hearted (and cool) way to get to know your neighbors, though.

I will miss the lazy mornings, when I wasn't lazily letting kids sleep in until 8 on those rare days, waltzing into work at 9. Now, everyone is still surprised to see me right after the school bells ring.

I will miss my children sneaking strawberries and blueberries as they walk into the house.

I will miss the neighborhood kids playing in the streets, regardless of how it aggravates me when it's the littlest ones.

I will miss my daughter's intentions of wearing "tink tops" each day. She's already well into the routine of uniform life.

And I will miss most the colors of Summer, and the joy it brings. But autumn brings its own pallatte too.

What will you miss most about this summer?

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