Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Costume Parade

Welcome to the Green Phone Booth's Halloween Costume Parade! We've invited some adorable models to show off their ideas for creative, homemade, thrifted, or recycled Halloween costumes:

It's not too often that your son wears his sister's clothes without complaining, but he did just that last Halloween, decking out as a University of Kansas basketball player! (Yes, mom believes girls can - and should - play too, and she first wore it proudly through basketball season!) My daughter was a cheerleader, and we were blessed to get a hand me down just in time for football season! (Total cost for costumes: $0)

This little guy is going as Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. We opted to go with jeans and a cowboy shirt from his closet. I made the vest (trust me when I say you won't be seeing me on Project Runway next season!). The hat was part of a costume that my husband wore years ago and the bandanna was from the fabric store. We spent under $2 on his costume including the bandanna and fabric for the vest.

These two are ready for battle with the Sheriff of Nottingham. On the left, we have Robin Hood, dressed in an old pair of pajamas (that doubled as a Peter Pan costume for his older brother two years ago). On the right is his good friend Friar Tuck, dressed in his mother's t-shirt and scarf with a scrap piece of fabric fashioned into a cloak.

Next we have a beautiful butterfly. She's wearing a black shirt and leggings from her closet and a skirt and headband that I made. We found the sparkly fabric in the clearance bin at the fabric store and she fell in love. The wings are from sprawl-mart (my only embarrassment this year) because I just didn't have the time to make cool wings. We paid $5 for the wings and about $3 for the sparkly fabric.

This little rock star is wearing a shirt he got from a camp over the summer, turned inside out and cut up, over old jeans that he grew out of that we also cut up. We dug out his snowboots, cut a guitar out of a cardboard box from the recycle bin and painted it with paint we had on hand. The only stuff we bought was the face paint and the hairspray.

Some of you parents might recognize DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba. I purchased his tangerine shirt and pants on clearance (I'm sure you can see why - the color hurts my eyes!) and embellished them with ribbon. I made his hat and boom box, but we purchased the glasses since I couldn't find the right kind at the thrift store. For the sweats and glasses I paid just under $10.

A month before Halloween, we started searching thrift stores for a vampire cape...with no luck! Finally two days before the big day, we cut up a $3 thrifted polyester skirt that turned out to be perfect. A white shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes from his closet completed this vampire's attire, along with some vampire fangs and make-up.

This vampire wished for a black cape with red lining and a stand-up collar. We started with the red lining, and found just the thing in the form of a red pillowcase which we bought at the Salvation Army store. (What a use for a fancy Nautica pillowcase! It's 100% cotton, and might make some lovely napkins when I deconstruct the costume.) I made the "black" outer layer from navy blue fabric I got through Freecycle about two years ago. In the dark, blue looks black, right? The necktie was a length of fingerknitting, made by the vampire himself. He was very proud of my reuse of it. Getting that collar to stand up took some creativity. I cut a piece of cardboard (saved from Ikea packaging) to fit inside, and then stapled the fabric to it. Staplers are very useful tools for costumers!

The grim reaper requested a floor-length cloak with a large hood. For his fabric, I took a really big piece of knit fabric (also navy blue) I had in my stash, also from Freecycle. I managed to sew up the cloak without needing to cut it -- after Halloween, I can rip out the seams and reuse the fabric again. The necktie was my bathrobe belt. The scythe was another piece of that Ikea cardboard, wrapped in aluminum foil we salvaged when a family member moved, attached to a karate bo temporarily borrowed from the vampire. The reaper also wanted a "skeleton suit." For that, I turned one of his long-sleeved t-shirts inside out. I fashioned the "bones" from masking tape. He liked it so much that he's sleeping in the shirt.

Except for the green felt blanket, this Percy costume was made with items on-hand at Grandma's house: a cardboard box, a toilet paper roll for the funnel, felt bumpers, and an 8-inch cardboard cake plate for the face. And, of course, any little boy who wants to be a train already has an engineer's hat!

Check out this incredible Transformer. Says the maker: "It was quite the labor of love. It's made of cardboard and foam. Only the gloves were store bought."

We hope this Halloween Costume Parade has given you a little bit of inspiration for next year. From all of us here at the Booth: Happy Halloween!


Kellie said...

What a good lookin' bunch of kids! I love seeing all of the great ideas.

Anna said...

Thinking about next years Halloween Costume. Check out @ARTIStdirect list of rock inspired costumes

Green Bean said...

Love all the ideas! Way better than store bought.

Cutest Percy I've ever seen. ;-)

Truffula said...

The amusing thing for me was that my kids were coveting their friends' store-bought costumes. When the friend with whom they went trick-or-treating come into the house, he sighed and said, "Oh, I *wish* my mom made costumes for us!"

Great work, fellow costumers!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

What I love most about this post is what great company my kids are in. At our church's trunk or treat last Saturday, they looked like the oddballs whose parents wouldn't spend money on "real" costumes, but here they fit right in. Love all the creativity - isn't that the best part of Halloween?

Condo Blues said...

The best costumes are homemade, IMHO.

I saw a group of ladies dressed in stylish black pants, shirts and winter coats (it was cold outside!), they wore black sunglasses. The only thing they bought were matching black canes and felt mice ear headbands - they were Three Blind Mice!


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