Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zero Waste, Could You Do It?

Retro Housewife gets dirty this week and talks about waste.

I saw this video and thought it was really neat and inspirational. Go ahead and watch.

What amazes me about the video is how little stuff they have in the home. I saw in another video of this family they all have very limited amounts of clothing as well. I can't help but think how much easier it must be to keep the house clean with almost no clutter. I have been trying to de-clutter and such but I don't know if I could do as much as they have.

As far as waste I try and buy things with less packaging, I bring my own bags, I buy in bulk when I can, I make my own cleaners, we compost and recycle. But I still am no where near zero waste. I think I get a bit closer each year though.

So what do you think about this kind of lifestyle, does it appeal to you? What do you do to limit your families waste?


Marya said...

Like you, I think I get closer every year. Now, when I go to the store, I get angry at all the wasted materials going into the packaging of some product. I forgo things that have too much packaging and find ways to do without because I don't want to support a company that thinks shrink wrap, a box, a cellophane bag, and individual pouches are all necessary for one toddler snack.
I'm nearing the end of my month of buying nothing, and I'm liking the near empty state of the garbage can.

Jessica said...

I want to have them come to our house and brainwash my husband. Yes brainwash because he doesn't care as much as I do.

But I don't like all that white. Too sterile.

Condo Blues said...

I have approximately one grocery bag of trash a week so I think we're doing well. I could try to go lower but that means I wouldn't be able to do any projects. I've been sewing with scraps from my stash lately and the serger always makes some waste.

Mimi said...

I would like to see what they do about toliet paper. I use family cloth sometimes but I also buy toliet paper. Of all of the things I buy it seems to have the most packaging. To buy a 24 roll pack it has every 4 roll wraped in there own pack. Why can't more than 4 touch?

Truffula said...

Yes, I'm duly inspired... as I sit here surrounded by, ahem, just a little more stuff than this family has.

Lisa Sharp said...

Marya: Me too. My poor husband gets to hear me complain a lot on shopping trips haha.

Jessica: Yeah their house isn't my cup of tea as far as very little color but it is nice. I like homes a bit more cozy.

Lisa: Yeah that is good. No idea what we have because we are living with my in-laws right now and they aren't so green. It's not much I know that.

Mimi: I buy tp from Amazon in bulk. I get Seventh Generation which is recycled and comes wrapped in paper, no plastic other than tape on the cardboard box.

Tuffula: Guessing I have more stuff in this one room than they have in their whole house!

Kristy said...

love this way of living.. soo inspiring.. i have waaay to many materialisic items.... I love nature and am so inspired ev time i see people going completely organic... i watch the travel channel alot and get most of my ideas from there... seeing your beautiful home makes me want to strive THAT much more.. :) loveee it!

Anastacia said...

I believe the white was too much too, but it all ties into the unclutteredness. the look of things blending together helps keep more things from creeping into the space..it keeps them in-check. you could prehaps do one color for a room, like blue and acheive the same thing? have any of you watched NO Impant Man. I give that documentary 2 thumbs up.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

That was great! We've been striving for zero waste here at my house in our family of 5. We definitely aren't as far along as the Johnson's, but we'll get there!


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