Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bunnies and Baskets

Going Green Mama wishes you a happy Easter weekend!

The bunny is back.

The last few weeks have ushered in enthusiastic discussions of the Easter Bunny, hidden eggs and coloring shells. (Which has somehow been interpreted as painting cracked eggshells with watercolors, but that is another story.)

For us, it's been a question of how much is too much. We don't want to over-temper enthusiasm, but the overcommercialization of this and just about every other holiday is a bit too much. Last year, I admit, we got off fairly easy. Small baskets held an Easter coloring book, few plastic eggs with goldfish crackers and M&Ms, and a small trinket.

Kindergarten, though, has ushered in new expectations. Some I don't quite understand, like the desire of our daughter to eat a hard-boiled egg for breakfast (she has never had one before). Thankfully, she hasn't discussed the potential for loot Easter morning.

Instead of emphasizing stuff, we're hoping to turn the focus on family and experiences. While I think they're too young to attend the intricate evening Holy Week services, we're trying in other ways. Making Hot Cross buns on Good Friday and Resurrection Rolls for Easter dinner. Dying Easter eggs for the first time, and if the weather holds (and as I write this, it's pretty tentative), going to an egg hunt and children's celebration at a local church. Not to mention a visit from Mama and Papa.

Hopefully what my children will remember about childhood Easters is the family time and the stuff we did, not the stuff they got.

How does your family mark the Easter season? Are you able to turn the attention from the idea of "stuff?" What will your "Easter Bunny" bring this season?


AmazinAlison said...

Thankfully we generally don't shop at big stores, so I don't think our son has commercialized Easter. Although he does love a good Easter Egg hunt! I bought plastic eggs last year for this purpose, because I can't stomach the idea of dyeing (and eating) enough hard boiled eggs to hide!

BTW -- I think asking for a hard boiled egg for breakfast is totally normal! A complete protein with just the right amount of fat and other nutrients. We eat them on a semi-regular basis around here and definitely for the week after Easter.

Kathleen White said...

My kids (13, 10 and 6) really enjoy watching one of the many classic movies that touch on the Easter story in some way. This year, we watched "The Robe" starring Richard Burton on Good Friday. It has lots of action to keep the boys engaged, and it touches on the story of Easter itself. Last year, we watched "The Greatest Story Ever Told" - they were captivated and full of questions.


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