Saturday, April 9, 2011

Season's eatings

In which Going Green Mama impatiently waits for her peas to sprout.... Every April, when I lived in Kansas City, I'd visit the Overland Park Farmers Market, where rows of plants, the season's first produce and the Shriner's vidalia onions would tempt us early-morning risers. Nearly a decade later, April is hard for me. In Indiana, I'm "supposed" to wait another month yet to plant, the markets won't open for three more weeks, and the grocery stores, and even most winter market offerings, are limited and depressing. It's tough to encourage good eating habits when you're stuck largely with frozen or, gasp, canned options. Which is why I'm happy I stumbled onto a few new options in our area. I'm seeing more options for CSAs, which is a good idea if you're up for the lottery of the whims of the weather and the challenge of finding something to do with a dozen bok choy for the week. I stumbled on an organic dairy's trailer one Thursday, and was thrilled to find everything from produce (grown on land in a more southern part of the state) to meats, eggs and cheeses. The difference in price was far worth not having to stand in line at the supermarket! My latest find, though, is an interesting one, one I wasn't quite sure of at first but am now looking forward to. I've stumbled across a local/organic produce delivery service, where you can customize your weekly produce basket delivery. And when I mean customize, I just don't mean tacking on items (though the variety of vendors is fabulous!) I got my first notice yesterday, prompting me to customize this week's basket. Gone were the grapefruit (which I doubt are local); in were extra asparagus, at no additional charge. Delivered to my doorstop. Convenience as a working parent? Great. I'm just hoping the product matches up to my optimism. How do you manage eating seasonally in the early spring? What resources have you found for eating locally or, at least, fresher produce?


Green Bean said...

I'm going to be totally mean here and talk about how I eat in the winter and early spring in California. Oh goodness me but it is tough!! I mean, yes, we have citrus and asparagus and greens and potatoes and, in early spring, strawberries, but where for heaven's sake are the watermelon and corn? ;-) Just kidding!!

We have a few year round farmers' markets but they are pretty sparse between Christmas and March. I did a Winter CSA this year and got a good variety of produce - with no where near enough potatoes!!! As to the bok choy, that did make me laugh. I've seen more than enough bok choy and carrots over the winter CSA to last me, well, until next winter.

Dea-chan said...

I sadly am just not eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies -- we've occasionally broken down and bought the odd head of lettuce or two (because lack of greens makes me CRAVE salads), but I mostly am just looking forward to my garden and the Farmer's Market.

On that note, I had my first seedlings appear today (first ever, so I can hardly contain my excitement)! Spring is getting closer for me. :-D

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Last year we tried a winter CSA, and by the end, my husband was like, "If I have to eat another sweet potato..." We also have a local produce delivery company similar to the one you describe. We tried it for awhile and although I liked the convenience, I didn't feel like it was a good value compared to what I can get at the farmers market. I'm just a farmers market kind of girl, and thankfully there's a year round farmers market here.


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