Saturday, August 13, 2011

Farmers Market Report Aug. 13, 2011

What my husband won't know what hurt him.

The amount of damage I managed to do in the last 15 minutes of our local market today was astounding. $15 on paste tomatoes. (Yes, I know we made a batch of sauce last week but still...)

A dozen or so heads of garlic. (Small, yes, but still a dozen.)

A few boxes of onions.

Grain-fed ground beef.

A dozen ears of corn.

A cantelope.

A box of miniature bell peppers, which my daughter is attempting to de-seed right now so she can grow her own. (The rest have been earmarked for lunches when school starts later this week.)

This is what happens when a girl has money burning in her pocket from the world's fastest attempt at a garage sale (brought things to my neighbor's sale, she bought them on the spot) and you have two easily distractable kids in tow.

Today, I should have been smoothing the way to a great transition to first grade. Instead, I'm a busy sauce-making fool. We'll be living off pasta for a year!

How were your finds this weekend?


Chile said...

We went to a farmer's market this morning, but my husband was fully aware of the purchases since he was there, too. In fact, his two honey purchases cost more than my Yukon Gold potatoes and half dozen ears of corn.

Yesterday I volunteered an extra day at an organic garden and came home with lots of damaged peaches, an onion, a hot pepper, and some imperfect tomatoes. I'll be making peach chutney today and I've already roasted most of the tomatoes to freeze. Some of the fresh ones are waiting to be chopped into a taboulleh salad.

Where I got carried away was at the grocery store yesterday. I noticed a couple of packages of mushrooms were marked down. Yeah, I can use mushrooms. Oooh, look! BIG containers of organic spinach that looks fine is marked down, too. I got TWO, even though my fridge has an abundance of perishable produce in it.

We wanted to go check out a Chinese restaurant we just learned about this weekend because they will cook the food healthy on request. However, I told my sweetie that we have to eat up all our food first! LOL

Robbie said...

See I love Chinese, so it would not be a problem for me!

You'll hvae to share your peach chutney recipe.

Robbie said...

See I love Chinese, so it would not be a problem for me!

You'll hvae to share your peach chutney recipe.

Chile said...

Oh, I love Chinese food, too, but it would be inexcusable to let food go bad in my fridge just to eat out this weekend. Next week, I won't have such an overload of produce so we can eat out without guilt.

The peach chutney recipe I plan to use is in "The Joy of Pickles" book. You can email me for it, if you'd like, but I don't post copyrighted recipes. Sorry!

Amanda said...

A coworker brought me zucchini, plums, tomatos, carrots and cabbabge I've been playing with this weekend. BUT my best find was at the local fruitstand ... 8 ripe mangoes for 1 pound ($1.60)!!! Will be making mango chutney today I guess... :)


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