Saturday, September 3, 2011

Putting my son out of work

Going Green Mama mulls her son's employment future on this Labor Day weekend.

My 3 year old's dream? It used to be being a bus driver. This week, it's to be a trash man.

But what if we could cut his career prospects? Economy aside, what if each of us was just a bit smarter with what we did?

What if we didn't buy so much? That we planned before we spent? That we bought what we needed?

What if we opted to compost our food waste, our coffee grounds, our leaves instead of bagging and trashing them?

What if we opted to buy higher quality for long lasting things than something just because it's cheap?

What if we didn't buy something just because it's the latest and greatest, only to find it upgraded three months later?

What if we recycled what we could, got used instead of new and took the steps to find the things that weren't quite ready to be recycled had an appropriate home for the future?

What if instead of shipping plastic-wrapped food across the seas that we bought from our local farmer?

I think we could cut my son's career prospects quite a bit.

Or maybe he'd find the recycling guy was a much cooler career. 


Daisy said...

If all of us composted and recycled well, there would be so much less garbage. I do it not for the virtuous feeling, but like you, because it's right. Well, and because the compost enriches my soil and I can grow more goodies of my own....

kylieonwheels said...

Interesting timing. I am in Canberra, Australia, and just this weekend I was listening to a man on the local radio, talking about landfill. He stated that 50-60% of our landfill in Canberra is organic material. 50-60%!!! All of this could be decomposed into rich, fertile soil, within which to grow our food. But it sits, contaminated, doing nothing in our landfill sites. Imagine every household with a bin 50-60% smaller. Every garbage truck, 50-60% smaller. It amazes me that those are the figures, but at the same time it fills me with hope, because that shows a lot of potential for improvement.

Betsy Escandon said...

I love this post.


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