Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall bucket list

Going Green Mama is hoping for a full fall.

The last few autumns have blinked by for us, largely a result of the weather, but partially because my kids were just beginning to be old enough to truly enjoy the season.

This year, inspired by a "fall bucket list" craft I saw, I decided to write my own bucket list for my family. It's simple, but encompasses what we want to do most this time of year: stay in touch with nature.

  • Pick too many apples from the apple orchard.

  • Finally take the kids to the fall festival at a local dairy. They've been begging for the last two years to go.

  • Go for long walks, and watch our kids choose the "biggest" leaves that have fallen and carry them around the neighborhood.

  • Open the windows at night to let the cool breezes tempt us into sleeping in the next day.

  • Take a hike or two.

  • Plant another round of carrots or peas and try to beat the frost.

  • Bundle up for chilly Saturday-morning visits to the farmers market. Scour for treats we can tuck into Christmas presents.

  • Make the first batch of my husband's chili or homemade chicken noodle soup on a cool evening after work.

  • Hit up the fall festivals in the small towns in the area.

Interestingly, none of the "must-dos" include Halloween activities; my daughter's fear of the macabre (even trick-or-treaters can frighten her at times) means we're sticking to the natural world and shying away from city traditions like the non-frightening hours at our children's museum's haunted house or the ZooBoo. But the funny thing is, I'm OK with that.

As the days start to shrink, how are you extending your season? What's on your "bucket list" this fall?


Anonymous said...

best of luck with your fall bucket list! if you ever think of extrapolating it to the rest of your life, I would highly recommend - it's great for sharing tips and ideas with epople for your bucket list!

Green Bean said...

Great list, Robbie! Mine includes (1) drinking hot apple cider, (2) baking a pumpkin pie, (3) visiting the pumpkin patch (check!), (4) carving pumpkins (doing tonight), (5) planting sweet peas for early spring bloom, and (6) going on a leaf hunt. I love fall!

Rosa said...

we brought in the last tomatillo plants last night, transplanted to them into buckets on the 3-season porch to literally extend the season.

And we have a lot of Halloween traditions, starting with an amazing outdoor puppet & fire show in a local park that we've taken the kiddo to every year since he was a baby in the sling.

But the new thing this year is, we're going cold-weather camping! We have a reservation for a cabin with a wood stove in a state park next weekend. Camping after the end of mosquito season will be a treat for us.


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