Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Building a Greener Wish List

The Green Phone Booth is super excited to welcome the Kelly Green Giant as its newest superheroine! You can find her here twice a month.

The Kelly Green Giant reveals all…

When you are compiling a wish list of your greatest green desires for Christmas, it can be difficult to create a straightforward list that would be easy to send to the relatives who are asking for some gift giving guidance. What if you want a flatbed truck from Organic Bug, organic coffee from SERRV, handmade cloth napkins from Etsy, a recycled silk scarf from Taraluna, and an apricot tree from the Arbor Day Foundation?

Fortunately, there are a few different websites that allow you to make a comprehensive gift wish list for the holidays – or for other gift-giving occasions – populated from any store that sells items online. So you can support local family businesses, small environmentally friendly companies, makers of homemade gifts, used bookstores, and even some charities such as Heifer International with your wish lists.

Amazon is one such all-in-one wish-listing source. Just download a toolbar from their wish list page, and then you can add items from any other website onto your personalized green wish list. And you can also browse Amazon itself for wide-ranging eco-items from organic tea to recycled plastic mixing bowls (and so much more!).

Another easy site that works in a similar way, with you downloading a toolbar that allows you to add gifts to your list from any website, is My Registry, a site that could be used for anything from a wedding registry to a green Christmas list.

Are you still undecided about this year’s green gift dreams for yourself or others? For more green holiday ideas to fill your great green gift wish lists, visit the Kelly Green Giant’s Green Holidays page.

What is on your green gift list?


vegetable gardener cook said...

This year I'm asking for no books because I can get them at the library!

Green Bean said...

You had me at flatbed truck! Just kidding. I love the idea of still supporting local or independent companies through a comprehensive wish list. Thanks for sharing.

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

What a great way to request green gifts! Congrats on your first GPB post, Kelly Green Giant!

robbie @ going green mama said...

I don't think I can top the greenness of the compost bin and 4-season gardening book my husband bought last year!

This year's wish list is less about buying green than for asking for the things I truly need. Though if you want to stuff my stocking with gardening supplies, I would not object!

And welcome Kelly!!


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