Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Changing for Climate Change

The topic for this month's Green Moms Carnival is Climate Change Resolutions.  A topic that is so big and overwhelming and yet so very very urgent.  Many consider it the defining issue of our time and yet every one approaches it in a different way.

Some of the Booth bloggers are targeting food as a way to lessen their impact on Climate Change.  Retro Housewife Goes Green has resolved to reduce food waste and, both she and Eco-Novice, plan to make more food from scratch this year.  

Eco-Novice and Emerald Apron both take aim at energy use.  Emerald Apron resolves to line dry some laundry this year, as she and her family have been making excuses about using the dryer for a long time.  Similarly, Eco-Novice swears to turn off the power strips at night - something she's been meaning to do for years.

The HomeGrown Mama plans to "get her act together" and remember her reusable grocery bags.  That, of course, might mean that she does not attempt to grocery shop with two children, sale flyers and coupons.

Green Bean resolves to move beyond personal environmentalism to activism - whether on the city level, at a Keystone Pipeline action or even just talking more about Climate Change amongst those in her personal circle.

What actions do you intend to take this year to address Climate Change?  To read what the women of the Green Moms Carnival are doing, check out on January 23.

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Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

Great post, Green Bean. I love the title -- wish I'd thought of it, in fact.


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