Friday, August 31, 2012

Drink Water!

It's the last day of our month about Water. My best tip for saving water (it's easy to remember too): drink water.

I come up short in the green department in many, many areas. But in the beverage department I'm doing pretty well. That's because I drink mostly tap water from a drinking glass or my reusable water bottle. My son (standing next to me and reading over my shoulder) wants you to know that he drinks water from a reusable water bottle/ sippy cup too. I drink milk on occasion, juice on occasion, and every now and then a root beer. I avoid any beverage packaged in plastic (my milk comes in reusable glass bottles).

Some surprising statistics:
It takes 37 gallons of water to make a cup of coffee.
It takes 63.4 gallons of water to make a cup of wine.
It takes 54.9 gallons of water to make a cup of milk.
It takes 1.85 gallons of water to make a single-use plastic water bottle.

I'm guessing it requires more than a cup of water to bring a cup of potable water to your kitchen sink, but presumably less than the above.

I got most of the above statistics from National Geographic's Hidden Water We Use. Check out their Water Footprint Calculator, Water Use Game for kids, and Freshwater 101 Quiz. Another cool site: Water Footprint Network.

In conclusion, to save water, drink water.

How do you save water?

Photo credit: joshme17


Amber Strocel said...

It may require more than a cup of water to bring a cup of water to your sink, but I bet that overhead is built into many of the statistics on other beverages as well. A lot of our drinking water is used in agriculture.

EMMA said...

We use tap water in our drinking bottles and in the table water jug, if we don't drink all the water we never throw it away but walk around the house and garden giving drinks to thirsty plants.
When the boys were smaller we would recycled their bath water to soak dirty diapers that were waiting to be washed.


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