Friday, June 7, 2013

Introducing Queen Composter

I am Queen Composter, a newbie blogger, mother, elementary teacher and wife. I live in an historic fishing village in a suburb of Vancouver, B.C. I live a short walk or bike ride to wetlands, beaches and farms. Being close to a natural setting is very important to me and is part of the reason why I love living here.
The river bank at the mouth of the Fraser River, one of my happy places.

While I have always been a little crunchy and worried about the impact my actions have upon the Earth, having my own children has made me more aware of the kind of world I would like to leave. This is a cliché but it is so true for many people; children help us realize it is no longer just about us. We have a tangible link to the future.
Me and my youngest on an autumn nature walk.

I took a leap and started blogging a little under a year ago to document what I was doing to live an eco-conscious life, to connect with like-minded people and to learn from others. I believe in teaching through modeling and I try to be an example for my students and my own three young daughters. In the same way that being a teacher and parent has made me be more conscious and mindful of my actions, blogging has helped to make me accountable, at least in my own mind, of what I do and why I do it.

Blogging has also helped to push my eco boundaries, to try new things and grow. The biggest challenge, and biggest area of change for me, is the first environmental R – reduce. My consumer choices as an eco aware suburbanite are somewhat limited, so I have found that making my own products from scratch (or as close to scratch as possible) is the best way for me to reduce my family’s exposure to toxic ingredients and to reduce excess packaging.

My backyard garden so far this year: strawberries, garlic, celery, carrots, potatoes, kale, chard, onions, various herbs, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, beans, peas, quinoa, beets, various summer squash and greens.

I am also a newbie gardener and passionate composter. I grew up watching and helping my grandmother in her extensive vegetable garden, but as an adult I have lived in apartments and a townhouse and have had to be content with container and small space gardening, which presents challenges for someone with a would-be green thumb. When we moved to our single family home just over three years ago it was a dream come true for me and I immediately set my sights upon tearing up the lawn and growing vegetables. I currently have four raised garden beds, numerous garden containers, raspberries, blueberries, and an apple tree. My garden is a work in progress and labour of love. 

I have much to learn on my eco path and I am excited to be a part of The Green Phone Booth. It is a vibrant community of eco heroes and I hope to add to the discussion.

I can also be found blogging about all things green at Eco Journey In The Burbs and on twitter @christyrollo.


Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

We are excited to have you join us, Queen Composter! Your garden looks incredible. I am so jealous of all the gardeners. And what a gorgeous coastline. I think blogging has pushed me to be a little greener/ more accountable too.

Eco Yogini said...

Welcome fellow Canadian!! I love your garden, like Betsy said, I am also in awe of ppl who can grow things :)

Anonymous said...

Cheers to the Queen Composter. not only are you an incredible friend, mother, wife, sister, teacher, gardener, composter, blogger, etc. etc. etc. you are an amazing human being!

i could go on and on

love ya Christy

Green Bean said...

Welcome! So great to get your "fresh" perspective - pun intended. Looking forward to your posts.


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